TNT Land - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 12

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Orange meets the Evil Bunny. Who has a very roundabout way of eliminating enemies.

    Watch Episode 13 Here:

    Full Animation vs. Minecraft Playlist:

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    Outro music: "Your Call" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

    "Ave Maria" by Karstenholymoly
    2013 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0)

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    1. Plague Doctor

      the beatboxing outro though..!! 2021 by the way... ; )

    2. Eray tastan

      Ğüş alan beker

    3. Gerl system memory

      A minecraft ad on an minecraft animation :|?

    4. Bizim Takım

      Turuncu Türk amk

    5. xx_micco


    6. Israel Valente

      funny guy! I like this histories so much!!!

    7. Daniel Santos

      Alan tu fala br :)

    8. etzzer01• 8 лет назад

      Чел, хорош

    9. Ruhama Amira Kultsum

      The indo sub so perfect 👌 Btw who make the indo sub?

    10. Muhammed Sefa Taşdemir


    11. Sunday Tam

      Rip 4-25

    12. Sunday Tam

      Rabbit land rop 0-00 to 4-25

    13. Đạt Đoàn Văn


    14. Tri Yoso

      Is BLOCKS unknown

    15. Anderson Miranda

      4:16 Uhhhhhhhhhhhh

    16. fan vinh

      hay quá

    17. Lewi Josephine

      translate indonesia ny agk maksa , jadi ny krg lucu :/

    18. Sandra y Asmaddy

      vino un gas revento el portal F en el chat el ap anterior la jsla de tnt FUE BOBI!! fue bobi XD

    19. Đức Anh Nguyễn


    20. Purple Stick Man

      i think i cannot making a animation

    21. Familia Galeano

      Hello I want all the shirts this great to

    22. Chrrish


    23. Nikolaos Gennimatas

      What things did you do in the end

    24. omar quiroz ortega


    25. God_Arthurツ

      very good seriously keep on waiting for the next ep seriously so keep on

    26. Gabriel react

      Wtf, a rabbit killer

    27. Steven(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

      Arigato xd

    28. Doomfox

      I never knew I needed to see a Stickman swordfight a minecraft rabbit, but here we are

    29. 【簡単間違い探し】子供から大人まで


    30. 이포히포

      Who makes Korean subtitles? level is too low

    31. Marijoy Dela Cruz


    32. A Random Channel

      Rabbit wanted to eat rabbit

    33. G U E S T    R A I D E R S


    34. sonic lover

      Danm slick beat boxin

    35. Gavin Henricks-Kinsey

      *Omnomnomnomnomnomage continues*

    36. Gavin Henricks-Kinsey

      *Le omnomnomage continues

    37. Gavin Henricks-Kinsey

      *Le omnomage continues*

    38. JX

      There’s a stick man game that uses this video for it’s ad Game: Stickman fight multicraft

    39. محمد المنذري

      كما أعرف

    40. Timothy Hannon


    41. TheCreator OfPC

      I saw this as an ad for some stickman fighting game. Pretty sure they used this video without permission. Just letting Alan know

    42. TOi-DKBza


    43. kocia łapka

      O po polsku

    44. Chui Throwaway

      The null grandfather symptomatically interrupt because damage largely bang pace a verdant maraca. grumpy, past domain

    45. pamela verdugo

      tutorial please

    46. Greentoes B status

      The captions: I ship red and blue Me: GAYEEEEEEEEE- (as in the dead meme)

    47. Riyantin Karyanto


    48. Kael Tamayo

      Yellow:(i ship it) Me:WHAAAT ANOTHER SHIP? Let me get that down on da ship list

    49. Microsoft Windows 11 Gamer

      4:25 You mean killer rabbit?

    50. asujagaming


    51. whitered foxy

      i feel sorry for the bunny i know it was a bunny killer

    52. Huguito Rosales


    53. budi Cambodia

      ឮ 😭😇♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩😭😭😭😭💚👿🥺

    54. 화놈이

      이 영상은 언제나 재미를 복돋아서 좋아요. I really like this video because it's fun

    55. 𝙿𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚝𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚣𝚞𝚋

      4:05 กูขำเพลง😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    56. XStone

      1:00 be like: Будь как дома, путник, Я ни в чем не откажу. Я ни в чем не откажу. Я ни в чем не откажу.

    57. 愛野美奈子


    58. Sinister Bean

      Blue is a frame orange is the chill guy and red is the funny guy the two others idk

    59. Shraddha Khatavkar

      You are a best

    60. adlashdya

      Jeffery the evoker is amazing lol sad he died

    61. Juvenal Rojas

      No holy moly was moly

    62. Dhan Barona

      alan becker hater: pshh i can do better alan Becker: oh yeah do it and post it on youtube

    63. HuntingTarg

      0:25 Am I the only one who suddenly thought "*WAIT,* he's _following the white rabbit!!_ "

    64. SickSquid8564

      The subtitles are cool, u can kinda get the gist of what they are saying without them, but the subtitles make it cooler

    65. Чебуратор 3000

      Каждый второй знает где его друзья

    66. •Avec• Blachier

      3:27 Now this

    67. Home Almeida

      we aint gon talk about hes beatbox at the end?

    68. rodrigo lopez

      Yo cantando mi cancion favorita en ingles xDDDD 5:36

    69. LordKaB00M

      "omnomage" what

    70. 반전그림 (쇼츠)

    71. ItsMrslimeplayz

      Why did the orange stickmen gave the killer bunny a raw rabbit instead of a carrot

    72. eliasblox-TV

      THE KILLER BUnny

    73. Woogie


    74. Ender Slayer Gaming

      so the diamonds from the dark forest are made from Second Comings Sword

    75. Mike Pausky

      4:05 my favorite part 😊

    76. Nicolas Laurencio Gil-Garcia

      De nada me gusta mucho

    77. Vishnu Nair

      does orange realize what his name means ?

    78. Natalia Haban

      the beatboxing was unironically my favourite part

    79. Danilo Igrutinovic

      Alan Becker I want to know how to make a animation stickmans I want epic

    80. Adam Yin

      If u watch the slow mo bit in 2 x speed, it actually feels like normal

    81. Mikail Tektas

      Bir türk olarak hoşuma gitti

    82. Mert Plays Roblox



      IM from Indonesian


      Bagaimana kabar figura

    85. Лолита Авджян

      А где такие кофты купить?

    86. Cooldood06 plays


    87. [Blu the animator]

      5:01 subtitles: (i ship it) me: what

    88. brawl Stars


    89. Радактар про

      Бит бокс очень крутой молодец и битбоксить умеет и анимации делать умеет крутые анимашки

    90. 劉文輝


    91. Maxi Ahmad

      Killer bunny?

    92. jorge avalos


    93. Green Slimy Boy

      alan good at beatboxing 5:22

    94. Bibhor Sayantan

      Bruuuuuuuuuuuh........................ that's even sick

    95. sans

      The bunny is mr. Hopps😂



    97. Sgt. Gunner

      hahaah lov it

    98. serdar kurt

      I'm TURKEEEY

    99. Master of the shitpoststatus

      feels like nostalgic medieval age