The Witch - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 21

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    This is not your ordinary Minecraft witch.

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    1. Alan Becker

      DJ always has the best commentary for these videos:

      1. Raju Gaikwad

        Minecraft pocket edition Download the

      2. Shawn Cheng

        Shet up

      3. Aish Azaan

        Dude best

      4. Shawn the yeet

        What is commentary

      5. Mostafa AbdElshafi

        @Karrunesh Kumar ضضضضضضضض

    2. Cooler

      guys can apprecite how much work alan put in all of his videos its amazing apprecite

    3. Dulcinea Grosbayne

      If u give a Llama some red stone and pistons u get this 2:56

    4. Jaybot 47

      We all wish we could fly... the thing pigs can do better than birds

    5. Tam Le

      Bi là con heo VIP Pro😎😎😎

    6. Avraneel Bhattacharya

      This is the best action I've seen in my life. Want to Imagine if Dream SMP war was like this?

    7. Jenna Aguilar

      Alan Becker is CRZY EDITOR!

    8. Masal Acar


    9. Klemee Moreen

      theres 2 orange stick and fake orange stick

    10. Lachlan Parker

      as much as i loved all of it, the 1v1 fighting between the witch and some sugar cane is the best bit. i mean: the skill and versatility of a plant... edit: i stand corrected. god pig is far superior...

    11. Илья Авраменко


    12. Alexander

      Pig is the hero

    13. Kiro Kiro

      after this ep Stuff goes down...

    14. Zé Povinho #8332

      Pig god mode on:

    15. EpicZS

      4:13 orange is a fricking lamaface

    16. Doomerzs JR

      The pig was amazing

    17. Ducky and his friends part 2

      When I was 8 I thought green was bamboo

    18. suka blad

      11:15 lucky?

    19. Micilene Ramos

      GOD OF PIG

    20. Rohnan Atkinson

      I love how much creativity is in these

    21. 182exe

      I like

    22. Яна Вячеславовна

      11:14 kyber pig🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. Dragon Ranger Adam

      Techcnoblade is always awesome in these videos.


      XD 11:10

    25. 트 리키 (광대 그런트)

      Summon super pig 11:11

    26. adri eatene

      Trop cool t'es scene de combat son bien

    27. 25k_xx_Selever_xx_25k

      11:20 technoblade on his training times

    28. Eren Aydin


    29. Abid Rifidalfatih

      Cool fighting

    30. CostiYT

      Pig is boss😎. Respect pig

    31. Андрей Танащишен

      А про

    32. Hero practicing video

      All I can say is "PISTON-E"

    33. SuperDZ555


    34. Maripe Magpatoc

      technoblade yassssssss

    35. ELI_8 ✓

      Nuevos personajes de la smash "Cerdo" "rojo" "verde" "naranja" "amarillo" "celeste"

    36. -{Shadow _Reaper}-

      11:16 **Techno Power**

    37. Lea Sintos


    38. Bun bun the bunny

      4:57 *even the salmon has a sword...* 😔

    39. Sonic

      I think laranga is the most good people and he is a little angel

    40. Xander

      This pig is literally goku lol

    41. Beefslamer 2k

      This isnhow technoblade is so good at fighting

    42. BS - Dois Seres

      Da peeg supremacy🛐

    43. Quinton Martin

      Never thought id enjoy watching a fish fight first time for everything I guess

    44. GoodwinsRnD

      Z HECRBQ

    45. otáriaツ

      Isso e literalmente a coisa mais foda que já assisti

    46. V i b e s ?

      Okay Red's Pigs have saved the coloured gang like 3 times already! When they're home that pig better get lots of head pats and carrots, such a good pig!

    47. gabriel woullard

      pig on drugs be like: 11:10

    48. Andrew Saveker

      This was the funniest one ever

    49. Chirpy 333H3

      11:25 Combo master

    50. IHasAnkles

      Top 10 anima battles

    51. HoneyBee_

      For some reason, it seems to me that this is a pig - Technoblade



    53. VLADIMIR

      the pig when drinks potions:TECHOBLADE mode activated

    54. Rachel Lee

      I love how the pig is just fighting the witch to save his or her friend or owner

    55. Zayne Xairell Ziv Ragunton


    56. Zayne Xairell Ziv Ragunton


    57. Zayne Xairell Ziv Ragunton


    58. raman mk

      Can we Just

    59. ☣️arki chan gamer god☣️

      Imagine witch turning you into diamonds party all night

    60. Fredd_DX

      The techno : PIG NEVER DIEEEES

    61. wasptrex6 plays

      the pig at end be like: a bedwars player losing

    62. Carlos MUÑOZ

      jajajajajjaja la llama

    63. _ERROR

      11:08 GOD PIG

    64. 黑夜


    65. LeonAndrzej

      *THE PIG*

    66. LeonAndrzej

      4:56 *THE FISH*

    67. Anthony Lim


    68. Benjamin Malfavon

      For a tiny little pig he just drank 50 potions and he became super big what a little ding that can do so much damage did you shoot see those moves you go in like faster than sonic

    69. PyroNick01

      The pig went God mode for the second time, holy crap

    70. LEGO FAN

      The pig turned into goku

    71. Theslaughter789

      Ruben is a GOD🥶

    72. Kieran Banda

      bro this pig punched her outta the sky team rocket style (Edited) i just hear the guy from super smash bros say "GAME" after the pig punches her out of the atmosphere

    73. Nichole Yianakopulos

      alan your thew best youtuber ever

    74. WhyJaneIsAnIdiot

      This is what I call a plants vs zombies. Or wizards. Eh whatever

    75. Lich Dich Ly Viet Nam

      pig so pro

    76. amkh_26

      Nice animation!

    77. #minecraft bmgo#🧑

      11:15 technoblade rage

    78. AarushGames

      Alan you made fish crazt

    79. Roberto Borja

      Thats what i call dont mess with peppa pig

    80. MerryGacha Gaming


    81. Francis Miguel Del Rosario

      Um alan why do a pig have a effect name “gotta go fast”

    82. Adam Friedman


    83. Lelton Colman

      I AM _SPEED_

      1. Lelton Colman


    84. xSpqngebob

      Piggy book 7 Piggy goes god-mode

    85. Ozey kinda lonely

      The pig Jesus mode lmao

    86. Random Vids

      The pig is addicted to potions-

    87. Yonner Benjamin

      Pig ninja 😂😂😂

    88. Fake Lol


    89. ★StarBean★

      11:15 techno power XD at right down

    90. 看透一切的魔王


    91. TheOfficialMan

      One punch piggy is back

    92. GildeguyOxob3000


    93. Gerardo Javier Aragón olivares

      11:08 Eso es estar mamadisimo: "

    94. Smelly Bombo

      You know, sometimes this is actually what it feels like to fight a which. Their potions and potions.

    95. BruhMoments_

      dang that pig has drip

    96. Nati Rupe

      Combat is just an master art.

    97. 𝙒𝙞𝙣𝙚-𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧

      11:10 Possible Incoming Epic Fight

    98. Ko Tk

      Ok 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😅😅😅😅

    99. 闇の犬達

      z💮🈷️🆚       👈😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺⤵︎🥺🍀🍀🍀🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    100. Joey Tan