The Showdown - Animator vs. Animation Shorts Ep 4

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    The epic final match between The Chosen One and The Dark Lord.

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    1. Alan Becker

      Watch this **with commentary** and DJ's reaction on Animators vs Games:

      1. كرار علي

        Klush sweet

      2. Pedro bernardo Monteiro Nogueira

        Porque que são as cabeças tem poder

      3. Saba art


      4. Sebeh Sebeh


      5. Sebeh Sebeh

        Yes,go l,etsgo

    2. Morello D Pambudi

      Finally, some anime

    3. 動画無しで登録者1000人目指すsouta


    4. Sitwat Imran

      make this again plzzz

    5. SamTheJellybean

      He literally created an anime

    6. Benjamin Millar

      Teacher: okay class, your homework is to make a simple stick figure animation. That one kid:

    7. Coral the axolotl

      The spiders…oh. no

    8. Coral the axolotl


    9. Coral the axolotl

      Battle the red guy The only guy will win him!!!

    10. Coral the axolotl

      How could he break the glass?!

    11. EliaqR

      Part IV pleaseee

    12. Aleandra


    13. Cynthia Wang

      Pls make a part two for this!

    14. Cynthia Wang

      I love how they worked together

    15. HelloMyNameIsTotallyNotLongIUsedToBeTheGuy7289p!By

      Wow, an stickfigure fight being so epic and smooth! Congrats

    16. Ibnijah G

      The best 4 episodes I ever seen.

    17. Aska gaming

      ITS so amazing cool

    18. Matthew Puma

      The animation and actions look great

    19. Rhythm Psalms Caringal

      This one Is fantastic 🤩

    20. TecnoFer

      wow increíble animación

    21. Stefani Vaella

      I always think that TDL creates Virabot to destroy not only people computers, also destroy the public servers becuz of toxicity, disinformation and cyberbullying that exist in them (this theory maybe doesn't fit with Google or KZsection, it was just an idea)

    22. Random sheep

      The power of Nordvpn

    23. the_gacha_mew

      I here by declare this the best anime

    24. Cursed Comments

      Them: What do you do for livng? Alan: I draw stuff Them: Are the drawings good? Alan: Sort of... The drawing:

    25. Vex Co.

      You… amazing animator! 🌟🌟🌟

    26. BaHo556

      Русское комьюнити откликнись

    27. SMG

      Literally God Mode enabled

    28. is_bread

      how do you animate so good

    29. 🧁 Cupcake Bear ❤️

      The dislikes = from the people who were sad orange’s friends disintegrated . (Don’t worry, they come back’

    30. Norina Leyde

      Why would people dislike this!!

    31. Caitlin Smith


    32. Krishna siven Seusse

      Red (evil):DIE BLACK black:oh god Orange:no u red Red:noooooooop (this is evil) Black:how are you stongest than me? Orange:shut and bc all my friend went to die

    33. 활용 단어 참조


    34. Артём Нечаев

      Red stickman Will back??

    35. book

      Orange is the chosen one HUH

    36. Lumber Camal

      Do more 3d animation Pls

    37. はると/GAMU

      too strong! !! !! !! !! !! !!

    38. AML-9303 (The Black Entity)

      Before The Chosen One Is Destroyer The Dark Lord Is Defender Now The Chosen One Become Friendly The Dark Lord Become Villain

    39. Cristofer Crack :D

      how can you see if you dont have eyes xd

    40. Brodie Leedham

      Marvel endgame Vs animator animation Showdown : WHO YA WHO YA WHO YA OH HA HO HAAA AHGG AGG Marvel endgame Vs animator animation Showdown : WGO HA HO WH WHO HA HO HA Marvel endgame Vs animator animation Showdown ORANGE: CA SUNBA KONA NANII!! Marvel endgame Vs animator animation Showdown : WHO YA WHO YA WHO YA OH HA HO HAAA AHGG AGG Marvel endgame Thanos: The end IS NEARR!! Spider-Man: I don't think so Hulk Thor: STABS THANOS WITH MJOLINER Thanos: you should have gone for the head thanos: telerports thanos again: Snaps half the world in half exccept stickFigures

    41. Brodie Leedham

      Marvel endgame Vs animator animation Showdown : WHO YA WHO YA WHO YA OH HA HO HAAA AHGG AGG Marvel endgame Vs animator animation Showdown : WGO HA HO WH WHO HA HO HA Marvel endgame Vs animator animation Showdown ORANGE: CA SUNBA KONA NANII!!

    42. Zach Zyplayz

      That's why hes the only one who got a hole in his head 😲

    43. Hi123

      sometimes i forget that this is an animation and that it’s all hand drawn

    44. Euann Zedrick Acebar

      I saw a secret behind this before second chosen was finished the laser other colored stick man added??

    45. KDinoExpert

      4:44 *silent panic intensifies*

    46. KDinoExpert

      4:44 *silent panic intensifies*

    47. Ni wayan Witari

      😵oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof 🥰



    49. Carson Dillow

      Will we ever see orange Use power again

    50. MADD T

      I didn’t know why Pixar didn’t hire this guy.

    51. TailNoTTale

      Bet your work made Pixar wish they didn’t reject you

    52. JacobPug Poirier

      As of right now, we need .2M more likes

    53. Fun2

      11:20 orange goes into creative mode

    54. Fun2

      This is just infinity war all over again

    55. []luna_kedavra[]

      THIS IS AMAZING AWESOME INCREDIBLE DVJFKDSFKJFKDSHGFJD I LOVE THIS SO MUCHHHHH!!!! ( mostly the end :) ) i love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hrghiobsgriohdjkkchjvifejgfodsjgfopdsjfind goilfed fjogfjdiogjfdgjdflfdklsds this is so gooodddd!

    56. Sam Rabban

      At first he once feel bad for hurting the Chosen One (because he was his Arch Nemesis) he helped him and joined him so they can defeat Alan Becker the Animator it turns out that the Dark Lord was an evil mastermind and a Overlord Leader who is creating and using his ViraBot Empire so he can begin his world domination and conquer the entire internet he was once The Chosen One’s friend because they both were Evil Warlords because they both started destroying every games in the internet but now he is his Arch Enemy because he betrayed him and wanted to use the ViraBot Empire so he can conquer the internet world

    57. Bananaled

      11:49 That moment when your mom pulls out the belt

    58. Sam Rabban

      The Dark Lord and his Army (The ViraBots) were about to conquer the internet but Second Coming defeated The Dark Lord and his ViraBot Empire he saved the entire internet with his powers

    59. El Raccon Normal

      4:44 jaja están bailando xdd

    60. official bob stan


    61. Pop

      still haven't figured out how he rotated his cursor there

    62. theninja block

      alan beckers freakin reflexes must be over 9000 bc how the hell do you manage to fight a super small stickman while trying not to kill the other one

    63. César Macuche

      Alan Becker you are amazing

    64. DJ YOURANT

      7:27 was this sound made when someone was doing nr 2 in the toilet?

    65. Carlo Sale

      Better than 7DS

    66. MJ

      i just remembered this is more than a year old and is still considered one of my favorite animations

    67. sandrorocksplays

      when orange powered up i was not expecting the first time i watched this

    68. app yt lol

      maybe the second coming will be a worthy opponent…

    69. blue

      Top 10 anime fights

    70. J K


    71. MR epico 9001

      i remember watching this live and i was freaking out so much because we never saw a 3d world in his animations and this was so fuckin cool aspucbfwapsbvpwasbvwa

    72. Brayden’s Nonsence

      Is this made in flash or adobe animate?

    73. nopjongkol pusapsakul


    74. Lelton Colman

      Cool Animation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    75. Keith Van Allsburg

      POV: you wake up to google colors 12:59

    76. Bastian Inostroza

      Can You Ultimate all the stickfigure?

    77. Wither Skeleton

      You make my happy i want you make you happy to I relly like this animtion this animtion make me happy i want make you happy to Nice dude and this is amizng youtube i see

    78. ANGELofDEATH

      Again suppeerrrrr vid Alan know animation 👊👊👊👊👊

    79. аниме

      Пацаны, это аниме

    80. ぜんちゃん

      wnehhdhsu eidjeiek iwowpwpqksk

    81. Vichete Meas

      I am at the katana man

    82. Vix Animations

      This animation is amazing!

    83. X_IamNotNotch_X

      I forgot what part is this?

    84. tedric wong

      Orange is the true god

    85. OMN

      You should make anime

    86. ProKam _Playz

      It’s cool to see what happened to them after the chosen one episode

    87. V i b e s ?

      It's so nice to see your channel grow and grow! I watch you all the time still I love your channel! Also- DUDE YOU NEED A OSCAR THIS IS AMAZING!!!


      You are a god and I hope you see this u are the best but may I ask which app are making your animations with

    89. Meme Master Monica

      you're really gonna make me cry at a bunch of stick figures arent you

    90. Я ТЫ

      Он же по сути то ПЕРВЫЙ + на это намекает его рисовка. (Та же уто у избранного и лорлда.)/He is, in fact, the FIRST + his drawing hints at this. (The same is true of the chosen one and Lorld.)

    91. J33rr

      Your average stick figure animator but on steroids

    92. Akiyal iqbal

      Out of the video Alan cool

    93. Akiyal iqbal

      This is epic alan

    94. Franklin

      i need a movie alan i need the movie xd

    95. Shkaw

      oh my good wowwowowowowowowowowowowooo

    96. Art Enrique Mag-iba

      Lol 1M Likes! And No Dislike!!

    97. Nope U aren’t getting my name

      How did he make a stockman look creepy?

    98. Elmer S. Del Rosario

      This video is amazing wow

    99. pradeep sharma


    100. The Yeeters Gang

      imagine if this was a real game lol