The Piglin War - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 20

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Blue runs out of nether wart. Where is he gonna get more?

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    1. Alan Becker

      Watch this animation with director's commentary (and DJ's reaction):

      1. ꧁Slime Adventure ツ꧂

        @Monday no

      2. Monday


      3. WSKA WSKA

        Oukjjkjkkkkkkkkkkkk a 🚗💥🚗💀🦴🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓 a 🚗💥🚗💀💀🦴🚓🚓🚓🕳️ a good idea and the other day I trust that you are not in my head around the world 🌎🌍 and the other day kindly and in my life and the other I'm sure It will have a good day I trust you are not the intended recipient you are not the intended recipient you are not in my o clock and in my head and in my life is good day kindly receive my life is a good idea and in the world and in my life is a good idea to have you ever have a 🚗🚗💀😱🚗🚗🚗🚗💥🚗💀💀🦴🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓

      4. WSKA WSKA


      5. ꧁Slime Adventure ツ꧂

        @Marissa Varon noob tube

    2. James Heikkinen

      i got an ad for minecraft lol

    3. GoldenEye Dragon

      I love how he prepares a feast, but doesn't eats it. *Me making large quantities of food, but doesn't eats it and just stores it, but doesn't even use it for later* Different usage and topics, but no asked.

    4. Yvaine Quiso

      Upload it always

    5. Yvaine Quiso

      I love your stickmans

    6. Sammy Droubi

      11:59 I just realized the gold in the piglin’s shoulders disappeared.

    7. Bun bun the bunny

      is it just me or blue in the thumbnail looks like hes dabbing.

    8. SpeedyBlueMan


    9. A Random Channel

      Orange: main guy Red: animal lover Yellow: engineer Blue: cooker/farmer Green: music guy

    10. eslilin bareto channel

      Nice cool animation

    11. krimewave

      Blue be like no nether wart = no life

    12. aLmita 0w0

      the red I am me

    13. Тертиг Хуба


    14. Gamer Athom

      que recuerdos y ya va ser año, :( bueno

    15. Euan Christoff Canlas

      Wtich gets the blue favorite food

    16. кряков макрякич

      Alan Becker Super

    17. Sam Rabban

      Piglins vs Zombified Piglin they are arch nemesis

    18. Copper crafter


    19. OrangePyroAxe

      Does anyone remember that hoglins hate piglins in the real game?

    20. west414

      Epic moment 9:14

    21. Thundercat

      I watch this because it too is my goal to find Nether wart, and I cant do it so far

    22. JobEvanV. A. P

      why go through all that suffering in the nether if blue can just get the "block" and drop a stack

    23. Gamingtastic

      Imagine grilling steak and chicken, making cake and have melons yet only eat nether warts

    24. Nathan Mousseau

      Nether wart gets its energy from the souls of the dead Nether wart is blue's favorite snack Blue is addicted to souls

    25. Ivana Aparecida

      😭😭😭😭😭😭beatiful piglins acept BLUE without the helmet😭😭😭😭😭👏👏👏👏

    26. Cyans

      The fact that blue could of just got the creative mode block and spawn in some nether thing a gigs he added more detail and i like it

    27. 𝙒𝙞𝙣𝙚-𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧

      That little Piglin was Super Cute

    28. KIN

      God bless you an everyone that reads this bro🙌🏾❤️I pray that whoever reads this, would take the time to evaluate there current situation and come to the realization that they can’t make it in this life alone! And that we as humans including myself are sinful by nature! BUT, God sent His son Jesus to pay for our sins and through accepting His sacrifice, we unlock our free gift of salvation! And start to read our word and follow Christ and His example!🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

    29. The MilkMan

      Someone’s gonna have to talk to blue about his Netherwart addiction

    30. Ara_ 1270


    31. L D

      Blue survived by [Unintentional Game Design]

    32. Zombified Piglin

      When TSC uses /tp:

    33. Cyclone_ Marble

      9:43 Honestly this should be A Real Achievement in the Game, Called Heart Of Gold:Gain the Piglins Respect Without a Gold Helmet

    34. Karma Putt

      I like the part where he rapidly switches the helmet off and on, so the piglins switched from admiring the painting to attacking

    35. Freddy_fazbear

      the main lesson we learned is "always take your pig to the nether"

    36. Mika Quang Minh

      I like this video. I am from VietNamese

    37. Zombified Piglin

      Awesome! My debut

    38. Opossum Boi

      Is it just me or do I hear a lot of skyrim noises in these last few?

    39. Coen Gray

      *Blue has the effect "Friend of the Piglin"*

    40. Heather Stratford

      I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this video bc my child giggles hysterically at the piglin noises.

    41. JL Cuevas O

      This Animation is too Literal

    42. Hamster Boy

      When the real man cry :( i love your vids the blue guy

    43. Anthony Romero

      There a impostor in among us

    44. santy celiz

      Hello Alan in thanks

    45. Nikita Vinokuroff

      Сука как класна

    46. princess michelle moraga

      Yo a million likes would be nice guys.

    47. DragonQueen

      Just realized that during the little "lightbulb moment" at 1:39, it's a minecraft torch XD thats HILARIOUS


      Blue is a pro chef

    49. Boaty

      blue: hmm I forgot something :*also blue*: *DID* GREEN TAKE MY… *looks up* oh lord

    50. rastko sumic

      two secondcomings? Wtf is up that? Oh wait i get it now, saw it in the next episode

    51. Lakeside Artists Guild

      among us

    52. AisyahAzzahra FatimahAzzahra

      bro please create new content

    53. John genesis Guevarra

      The legend himself made a video that is legendary

    54. jonathino001

      Orange sus

    55. Null NIGHTM4RE

      You can just hear blue screaming when he descended into the lava omg 😭

    56. ElPanaGus

      Nether wart is a drug

    57. [⭐]🅰️LEXANDRE[13]


    58. AMAND4 MENDs

      l like do minecraft 😢Love Love 🇧🇷

    59. Mr. Minzo666

      0:48 mavili madde bağımlısı gibi hissettimiyormu?

    60. Start Learning Today


    61. Ana Sofia Helder

      You call that a short? That literally haves 13 minutes of time dude

    62. Panji Dewa

      8:50 epic moment

    63. sangeeta Bhattarai

      Hoglins attack piglins

    64. dumb man

      REUBEN BACK yes

    65. Patty Calixto


    66. Quân Vũ

      so good

    67. Phantom the slayer

      Look at 1:57 old obsidian

    68. Phantom the slayer

      Lool soul sand in 1:12 like new soup look at 10:35 look old soup sand

    69. Dani Setiawan

      kuk orennya ada dua

    70. Charlie Maradiaga

      I just remembered that the Crimson Forest "tree leaves" are made of nether wart

    71. PuceNoExistes

      the video make me cry

    72. El show del gusano del tiempo

      Ami fue el mejor episodio de todos

    73. Kaio FF

      pls ep 100000😀

    74. rockstar gaming

      I. Hate this one becouse the video went longer

    75. Scout with a gun

      *helmet off* Piglins: a t t a c k *helmet on* Piglins: It must have been the wind...

    76. Official stonks approval

      9:31 where MEN cried

    77. EpicGamer

      Oh No! Blue ran out of nether wart! :D I wonder why blue likes nether wart

    78. tu buen otaku

      Azul pudo agarrar las verrugas del nether del creativo en ves de aser una serie completa :v

    79. Marcelo Alves Moreira



      Engaño mortal

    81. Black

      Wow it's funny😂.

    82. Puro

      I like that the kid is the only one with a brain thats how you know he isnt a fortnite kid

      1. Puro

        That was a joke i play fortinite its a great game

    83. Bob

      When the imposter is SUS *starts beatboxing*

    84. Станислав Дубровин


    85. the blu spy

      man i love how he made the piglins go between sentient and hostile npcs also my man blue nearly died to save the baby

    86. M Danish Kafrowiy

      wow wow wow wow nice

    87. jose moyano

      verry good me like

    88. Anna Volkova


    89. Baby mini


    90. claresse montoya


    91. Cathy Nonat

      Wat app your using?? Kind a like it

    92. Soffiana Haji Morsidi

      Both are the orange stickmens but me im Confused


      Helo alan becker

    94. Gundamguy

      My man really said oink oink you saved my kid oink oink so I no kill you now oink oink even tho you lost your golden hat oink oink

    95. The

      This is the one episode that got the stick figures into trouble with an evil orange stick figure.

    96. pablo rivera

      is cool piglin gg

    97. gabriel do round 6 ツ

      Animation 👍👍10

    98. D3th10rd

      As if I didn't love piglins enough

    99. Greentoes B status

      9:21 put any scream on here, and that is blue's screaming, also F for blue