Redstone Academy - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 15

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Yellow teaches everything he knows about Redstone, then challenges the others to make the most ridiculous contraption they possibly can.

    Watch Episode 16 Here:

    Full Animation vs. Minecraft Playlist:

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    1. Kay FF.


    2. Ibnijah G

      The part I laughed hard is when the orange one tricked the green one by the trophy punch him. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. bee_gaming


    4. VII D 49 Sumalya Dey 8080

      I like red

    5. Woodpecker Fan


    6. Pika Sus


    7. Ed Francis

      Make animator vs KFC

    8. Swapnil Afinwala Official

      Legend 🔥🔥💝💝

      1. Usha Banu


      2. Alienic

        I agree it is legend

    9. Um Amey


    10. Smiley Face

      Damn the Green Stickman is good at Episode 14,i comment here cuz you cant comment on episode 14





    13. Random Kids Aumsum

      Did Mumbo Jumbo texted??!!!

    14. Đạt Đoàn Văn


    15. ASPHALT 9 and cyber hunter


    16. ‎ EwibeN

      Hey, mister Becker I have one problem this game stickman fight multi craft is stealing your cave spider roller coaster video.

    17. TheMattfenech

      I love that Green's DDR music is jazzy note blocks. Did anyone else notice that?

    18. Lee-An Dave Garcia

      Green: *makes Minecraft* Red: *PIG WASHER*

    19. Cobalt Blue


    20. Roberto-Lyon Ephraim

      6:14 here's your fighting TROPHY. 6:19 SKIDDITTY BOP MM6 dada

    21. Klaus

      This legit taught me more about redstone than the mustache man himself

    22. Klaus

      This legit taught me more about redstone than the mustache man himself

    23. An Nguyễn

      Good video

    24. Vũ Thái Gia Phúc

      Fnf green

    25. TheStriderKing

      Yellow: So these are most of the output devices! Green: Frick it, *Minecraft in Minecraft*

    26. Kate Ashley Cuevas

      Hi, who Japan her

    27. Soc Em

      Hay quá Hay

    28. Colton Zasowski

      I love you

    29. M.Elvindra Arrayyan

      Super super good

    30. Max_el_Ajolote

      The profesor amarillo 👌👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    31. Isaac TRC

      This man put Cubehamster out of business

    32. Si Tepan


    33. Жаксыбек Ауталипов

      nice video

    34. Giyan Wueng

      2:24 WTF?

    35. TheOldWorld YT

      Please make this this official academy.

    36. 박연순


    37. Justin Sinclair

      Wow bro how much do you get forjust making this animation

    38. Ysabella Bordeos


    39. Zahin Amsar Mohd Rizuan

      i love your video

    40. Daae Kim

      And for some reason, I think yellow should be a girl

    41. Daae Kim

      I wish Alan Becker still put on captions, but otherwise it’s 🤩 amazing

    42. Loren

      0:27 what they teach you vs 3:44 whats in the test

    43. Naga Naga

      Ending : Green Be Like: OOF

    44. Bruiser the doggo

      Honestly I really wanna know what that nether wart soup tastes like

    45. theFPGG2009

      Ent esses são os tals alunos do viniccius 13?

    46. Onward Fernandez

      lol I feel bad for green cuz 1 he got sucker punched simotaniously and2 he lost

    47. 🔵water Physics simulation 🔵

      Why ทะไม่ Build จรวด 🚀

    48. Sub Ten Brito

      português kk

    49. fittestshark400

      grian needs to go there

    50. WTf


    51. Mónica Gutti


    52. Kimwai Kwan

      A redstone torch for a ruler

    53. Darryl but in space

      red:the animal career blue:farmer/brewer orange:adventurer green:mostly best at building very nice noteblocks yellow:best at redstone/mob farm

    54. rajcoomar juleemun

      OMG mumbo jumbo by himself!

    55. mylena Rosa


    56. mylena Rosa


    57. Gires Jeque

      Its so sad that this one dont have sub titles :(

    58. Wing Fook Chan

      Damn...ep 14 is when they stopped making the subtitles. Now it's just auto-generated :(

    59. Julia Wiatr


    60. Rizky gamer

      this is every good

    61. TheClaymoreGod36

      I wish my teacher taught me about minecraft

    62. [- NotRowosie -]

      3:12 friday night funkin go brrrrrrrr Im vibing to that part lmao

    63. Cyrix

      6:20 Tricked ya :D

    64. Uncle Iroh

      I know Grian would love to go here and press and pull literally everything in that cave

    65. Gamerz X 2000

      Soon in the future our kids will watch this to learn redstone in minecraft

    66. Gamercefhfun Lol

      This actually teached me

    67. Bảy Huynh

      i like red green blue orange and yellow but i like blue

    68. PedroManX

      Very good.

    69. Alexander Birek

      Somehow yellow learned more about redstone than me in 4 days then I did in 5 years

    70. Squidward

      Nice animation

    71. ĐẠT KYPE

      Amayzing, 1000 like

    72. Wh!tty

      Is this a reference to “Bullworth Academy” from the game

    73. Ritus Singla

      What a good pig salon red had made ! 🐖🐖🐖🐖

    74. Ritus Singla

      What a bad teacher yellow is !! Because he always punish the other stickmen 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 LOL

    75. Phan Huỳnh Bảo Hy 7A3

      6:20 Oh no!

    76. Phan Huỳnh Bảo Hy 7A3

      Yellow: Teacher, other: students!

    77. V4UGHN4N B3UM3R

      Orange won afterward because of wireless redstone.

    78. OofyBoi

      it's me or I literally started to understand Redstone on 1:10

    79. Itzkawaiigirl

      i would like to sigh in to leans in this school

    80. Khanya Khwezi

      I like how the orange stickman you is now fighting the teacher 😀

    81. Thuy Le


    82. Cát tường chidomotoji

      Trùm cuối ko làm tôi thất vọng 👍

    83. PJ Penguin

      3:13 Friday Night Funkin' reference

    84. 🖥computer cat🖥

      If redatome is called redstone why’s it a powder and not a block🤨

    85. Daniela Alfonzo

      Minecraft se fino

    86. 🖥computer cat🖥

      POV: yellow doesn’t want his friends to be mindless about redstone.

    87. wotot w

      i love so much how every stick has their own specialtys and traits, like yellow is redstone, red is pvp, blue is farming etc

      1. YellowBoi


      2. YellowBoi

        Red is animals

    88. electric mimilos

      Hello big fan pls do another redstone accedemy

    89. 20thCenturyStudios1109

      Why Does Teachers Always Eat Apples! Dont They Try Another Fruit Like Banana?

    90. Hansel Mosoka

      The cast defies all known laws of Minecraft. Yikes.

    91. Anthony Curi Parra


    92. Spellist specialisten

      4:56. Blue be like: good soup

      1. Patrick

        good soup

    93. Roselito Morais

      E BLUE

    94. pikachu


    95. kim liên lê thị

      i love it

    96. Jayden Susilo

      Well Mumbo Jumbo Yellow actually learned redstone and there is a couple more gates that you haven’t learned yet So Yellow is more smarter than you or me.

    97. Dustin Nguyen

      Second coming with the trap trophy tho..... thats smart

    98. Владимир Пяк


    99. RedoX