Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Nothing bad ever happens in a friendly parkour competition, right?

    Full Animation vs. Minecraft Playlist:

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    1. Alan Becker

      Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:

      1. Diego Moreno

        the clown

      2. Noku Higashikuni


      3. Abinaya Sindhu


      4. 博堯 張

        Because everything went wrong in the parkour time 2:46 15:26 is kissing

      5. 博堯 張

        This one is already no good!

    2. Pijitra Aumwong

    3. ThesleepinFAded DUSKIT

      What color would u be? I would be green.

    4. Alina Chen

      I just finished this and not gonna lie I actually cried

    5. darius zecheru

      not only do you do you lots of talent but your a hard worker and should as many subscribers as pewdiepie

    6. The Cold Gamerz

      Who loves his videos reply me

    7. Terrence Tan

      this vid is giving me squid game vibes but its so GOOODD im sad i didnt see this earier

    8. Jonathan Gacha

      Wait, when did we get a purple stick figure?

    9. Sonic

      they all won trophies wasn't it just for one person?

    10. Musi Musina


    11. Leah Murillo

      15:28 😳😳 UMM (Btw I’m a boy i’m just using my mums account because I don’t have one and I’m to lazy to make one)

    12. Leah Murillo

      this episode is so good! It has so much action :) This should be on Netflix And Hulu and Disney+ (Btw I’m a boy i’m just using my mums account)

    13. Sad boyfriend XML

      Purple is a traitor why is he here

    14. GreenReaper 199

      Amazing over all, i would pay for this cinema, on an ipad, anywhere anytime.

    15. boyfriend

      Red win

    16. Zenglish


    17. Arturo Vazquez

      Gtgttttygyg de la cabeza que te fug nada pero no sé qué me ha dado la rr y yo te amo y te extraño mucho y el que cualquier persona que no te fug nada pero no sé qué me ha pasado porque no me ocurre es que me ocurre nada un poco de hoy y el que cualquier persona es lo mejor que no te fug por qué no se puede ser de

    18. Arturo Vazquez

      r and images that have passed from my head today in which

    19. Éverton・リヴァイ

      Mano, tá quase igual a Round 6 (a série coreana da Netflix!!!) Muito massa, cada um preso, desafiados a sobreviver enquanto um foge, e entra escondido para saber os planos dos chefões!!!!!!!!

    20. Fransisco Perez

      Nou naigan por qué no es su amiga es una buja

    21. Sir Gigiuaswattiuas

      What's the ending theme named

    22. Evandya Arkaan

      It's cool how sc tried to warn he's freind


      hello alan gg

    24. Small Kitten

      @12:20 why does the king need the Minecraft launcher?

    25. Bao Khuat Gia


    26. Tomasz Winiarski

      barzo fajne

    27. Kauan Roque

      Vector hahah.

    28. Mayra1ramirez Violeta merida

      Que epico😨😨

    29. Travis Ayangdo


    30. Travis Ayangdo


    31. Travis Ayangdo


    32. el mano 300


    33. parsnip 007


    34. Soni Rajput

      think if everyone subscribe who watch they all will win

    35. UTG Saek


    36. Chen Thi


    37. Monil Mehta

      Green: yellow cheated! Yellow: Y'all're just stupid, I found a shortcut

    38. Nam Khang Bui

      as we know, purple is always the impostor :v

    39. gamingguna

      If you see this what SFX do you use?

    40. King Goose the Honk

      Ow is stubbed my toe

    41. King ZKB

      This story is the greatest stickman story ever

    42. Lei Anne Lim


    43. norma norma


    44. Joey Tan


    45. Thảo Nguyên Trần Thị

      Hay quá

    46. KIN

      God bless you an everyone that reads this bro🙌🏾❤️I pray that whoever reads this, would take the time to evaluate there current situation and come to the realization that they can’t make it in this life alone! And that we as humans including myself are sinful by nature! BUT, God sent His son Jesus to pay for our sins and through accepting His sacrifice, we unlock our free gift of salvation! And start to read our word and follow Christ and His example!🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

    47. 𝔢𝔠𝔩𝔦𝔭𝔰𝔢 (AmberPH)

      9:44 Lol i think that pig waited xD.

    48. Soc Em

      Hay quá Hay cho me

    49. Josephine Briones

      Omg wow

    50. The MilkMan

      The new Spider-Man combat looks sick

    51. The EPIC Mario Bros. 2

      King/Dark Orange is the same size as the colered 5 were in the original Animation vs Minecraft video, fun fact

    52. Just a random gamer

      11:26 someone make this a minecraft update-

    53. joveann ravelo


    54. Sarah Hollinger

      That is actually really cool

    55. Mondita's life

      perfect animation👌👌

    56. Austin Rand

      8:50 Good thinking

    57. °Hýpêr Bâd ≈


    58. LeviGaming

      can you do a episode with wither storm

    59. Exotic zone

      This is like an actual movie

    60. Greenieplayz

      I never thought i would give this much love to 5 stickmen and one pig

    61. Koinonia_Reena Belmonte

      Im kinda curious if all of these are boys or purple is girl 🤔 but still idc what gender 😂

    62. FOYGAME 2452

      I think it's a movie.

    63. バスターキャノン


    64. Matthew on crack

      i like it but i try to make my on and its hard

    65. แครอท แจ่มใส


    66. Christine Wang

      yu i o p k j h h b

    67. Serena Ng

      I watch your showdown

    68. Parveen Akhter

      Which person make this video I think which person make this person is a big fan of Minecraft

    69. Ted S

      You are free!

    70. A Nearly Empty Walmart On A Rainy Summer Morning

      Ik what purple is trying to do. He’s trying to slowly get the gang to turn on each other because of competitiveness

    71. Abrarinnit

      Doogle Danny dang donged is the walk

    72. MARIOツ

      Soy el único que le pareció un sueño y le dio miedo? :[

    73. ×DOLMERD×

      Love your anmoisn ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇩🇿❤️❤️❤️❤️

    74. MieGelasCH

      7:34 Piglin: *technoblade mode on*


      Alan Becker why don't you create a rainbow and White jacket

    76. Ponakane athena

      This is so beautiful

    77. TentacledElixir

      13:52 14:43 15:26

    78. bullet hell sans

      Pighunt be like:

    79. Irregular Sloth

      Why must my boys constantly be getting betrayed lol

    80. almoe6 robloxkogamaXD

      I love color green

    81. Jason Sanders

      11:25 stick man stick man does whatever a stick man can

    82. Jet Young-ja

      OH NO

    83. GUEST 1337

      7:34 they so fast

    84. Babaich80 Legend


    85. Lukasz Gwozdz


    86. Наталья Чубарь


    87. Myesha Moody


    88. Bryar Barwari


    89. Andrew Joshua Junio

      Hello purple!

    90. Anas Nas


    91. jinho Yoo

      Alan your video was stolen not this one but another one i found it on a mobile game ad called i think stickman fight the vidoe stolen was animation vs minecraft

    92. davi bob game

      ho não o hiper porco=0=

    93. 嘉昇梁


    94. MadlyZakPlayz

      Alan Becker green went up to find the nether but the yellow and blue seemse to go down yet was below green so how did they get to the nether how do you get to the same place going to opposite directions.

    95. попугайчий глазTV

      Почему не по русски

    96. попугайчий глазTV


    97. Noku Higashikuni


    98. Apple

      The animations have so much emotion to them especially when they win or lose or try to cut off their friends from getting farther. This is hands down the best animation series I've ever seen

      1. Friday Maduka

        Ok .

      2. Friday Maduka


    99. Roran Truong

      Keep up The good work Alan