Note Block Battle - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 16 (Music by AaronGrooves)

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Green is just too skilled with those Note Blocks, so Red, Blue and Yellow create a musical chicken to help defeat him in an epic Battle of the Bands.

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    SPECIAL THANKS TO THESE PATRONS: Aidan Christie, Anul Kumar Sinha, Erich Roschuni, Jason Hall, LiquidAcid, LoneWolf38, Taysia-lynn Genobaga-Arneho

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    1. T1Gamerz

      As a pianist for about 8 years I HATE it when i’m just jammin out, and some random person decides to randomly start playing on the notes next to me. It’s just AAH LET ME PLAY OR IM SLAP U INTO NEXT NOBODY-KNOWS-DAY

    2. Thạnh Phát

      Because suddenly the orange stickman was in the sky and there was thunder nearby

    3. Thạnh Phát

      But I’m understand where the orange stickman?

    4. Thạnh Phát

      But your video is make me laugh, remember some music

    5. Thạnh Phát

      The music of green is what title/

    6. Beautiful ViDMusic

      АХАХАХ, у оранжевого знатно пригорело

    7. Thạnh Phát

      Can you give me music in comments?

    8. _Luckycharm_

      we now all know why orange was sleeping so much. (because of that big fight)

    9. Ean Raine Dubiao

      POV:You are watching this on 2021

    10. Enriques Plays

      Awesome cool

    11. Comfiredcases19

      Red Interrupts Green's Jam: 0:16 Blue Interrupts Green's Jam: 0:38 Yellow Interrupts Green's Jam: 0:53 Green's Jam: 1:04 Chicken trades: 1:40 Amateurs: 1:59 Potion Prodigies: 2:33 Bluegrass Banjo Band: 2:47 Green's Blues: 3:22 Note Block Rock Symphony: 4:25

    12. ภัสรา พรายรักษา


    13. Cahaya Qamra

      This is verry good

    14. Sarah Heitia

      I’m actually surprised they still used the same sound from the gold block from the last video they made nicely done👍👍

    15. Pie Avenger

      Ohhhohoho, that Chicken knows what's up. Dueling Banjos is a fucking CHALLENGE that no musician worth his salt would dare turn down.

    16. Aran Domuser

      This is what its like to have both parents arguing, then telling you they are not arguing.

    17. FN Vlogs

      SC:The timer guy, who also falls a sleep all the time Red:The one which the build is simple Yellow:The redstone builder, good at redstone Blue:The one whos builds is cool Green:GOD MODE

    18. BluBlur


    19. Ibnijah G

      Aw man the funny part was when the chicken was playing music.

    20. Shane Aliyah Tablizo

      5:50 bruh even with out wearing earphones it’s still ringing in my head

    21. Antidote: Lunar Wing

      imagine green with musicality...

    22. korean key

      나는 미친놈이다!

    23. Panda Panchann

      3 musicality potions x music itself vs the chosen ones return

    24. Eli the great

      Can you keep on making more note block videos


      Alan ñ falo inglês mas coloca o nome dessa musica q o verde coca com a galinha

    26. 竜騎士団団長りゆゆうDAZE


    27. 竜騎士団団長りゆゆうDAZE


    28. 竜騎士団団長りゆゆうDAZE


    29. - Nova -

      *Belupacito flashbacks*

    30. Veszprémi Réka

      is it just me or does yellows music sound awful?

    31. Eli cooking channel

      Orange vs green note blocks

    32. Dennis Mazelie

      Holy moly

    33. Maximiliano Julián Paez

      Nadie Fnf

    34. Hansel Mosoka

      Why is Second Coming not actually playing along?

    35. 🎃DreikDev🎃

      el pepe pe ete sechhhhhh

    36. Guest665

      4:56 why did they remove chicken's sound?

    37. Diyar Akbal

      Minecraft EN UYGUN

    38. SA

      can you korean? i`m korean

    39. ZombiePigs

      5:43 I dont know why he doesn't like music but the fact that he is pretty good than green

    40. Yasmim Leite


    41. ابراهيم خليل

      شكرن على المقطع

    42. isti faiyah

      Ada orang Indonesia gak

    43. ramilie ortega

      The chicken is going a ham!! The green guy is just sweating lol😂

    44. RLong 3600

      Yo music

    45. Nyxoy

      Bruh FnF

    46. George K Varghese

      ahhh this never gets old

    47. Ralph Martine Apin

      Can you make more note block animation

    48. よしま⚜

      This just sounds like the average sonic advance 3 music

    49. Stinkycheese2531

      I kinda want a full song of the beginning song

    50. Caitlin Smith

      Who is the leader stick figure?

    51. Showa MechaGoji2

      The final song in every fnf mod be like: 5:38

    52. Jay Jung

      So good

    53. KenXD🇮🇩•GD

      All Difficulty: 0:03 Easy 1:40 Still Easy.. 1:58 Normal 2:04 Ok.. 2:20 idk 2:40 Tactical 2:47 Pro! 3:21 More Pro 3:40 PRO GUY

    54. Phazonboy

      If you dislike Alan becker's amazing work, you hate your mom

    55. Ryan Northup

      Can we just get an uninterrupted track of Green's Jam?

    56. Brandon Kustec

      I like the music at the end like if you agree

    57. Whatnot Animations

      That chicken is kind of like an allay but actually useful. It’s a winged creature that is attracted to note blocks and has blue [particle] elements

    58. Stan Brandon

      make more music vidos

    59. Incvincible bird

      Orange be like: Knock of that racket!

    60. PoohsSmartBrother

      No one going to point out the dueling banjos reference?

    61. clemi_navideña 🦌

      The second coming es pro de los pro jajaja no pensé que usaría sus poderes en la música

    62. The Martial God LN

      Orange is like : Fuck it all:Lightning style: Destroy everything

    63. 777 Kerokeroppii

      accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and your life will be better do it if you want too i aint forcing you tho live yall ,

    64. 777 Kerokeroppii

      accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and your life will be better do it if you want too i aint forcing you tho live yall ,

    65. 歩く物資まっつー


    66. ꧁MřMąx studioツ꧂


    67. HoloPaino

      Dude the banjo + Greens Jam GOES HARD!!!

    68. Sujal Chourey

      Music is amazing

    69. Ameer / games


    70. Sean Alonzo

      this is so coll

    71. Impatient Enchant


    72. ProXzz1

      Nobody FNF mod creators when creating the music

    73. JustNate Gamin45

      Whoa!!! This video has 104M views!?!!! Damn!! That is definitely deserved for this video, loved the animations and the music, it is really, really awesome!! 🔥🔥🔥 That was so cool, really awesome! True power to all of you guys for sure! ✊🏾

    74. gonixx_00 cero


    75. Raisin

      The chicken is very cute.

    76. Bảo Nguyễn


    77. ann gavino

      holy crap thats awsome

    78. Supi Adi


    79. Supi Adi


    80. Supi Adi


    81. Supi Adi


    82. Veronica Gregorio

      Orange scared the crap out of everyone

    83. ooi zhi shun

      I like this song


      Good animation

    85. 04 ภัทรพล กิติ

      Imagine green drink da music potion the other will say "Nani Kono powa"

    86. Garyyy the Gamer

      5:13 past here I can't hear green's music

    87. Antony Sánchez

      I always say it the music that Alan Becker does are great

      1. David Ephrat

        AaronGrooves did the music.

    88. SANS

      I love the song at the end the electronic note block is the iceing on the cake and the last last bit.

    89. Mikhail Belov

      блин так прикольно молодец

    90. Luisalfredo Aguilar


    91. Joseph Sammons

      You are a big part of my childhood

    92. Prince Gift Nazh D. Pacañot

      Si green

    93. Prince Gift Nazh D. Pacañot

      Natutulog Ang kaibigan mo na si second coming kaya wag mag ingay

    94. Carl's World

      I like the sound!!!

    95. Maskerade Darkstar

      I must say...the Orange have the best Guitar Solo. I will see all in a Band. This was Amazing.