Lush Caves - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 24

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

14 МЛН рет қаралды0

    Orange and Red meet someone deep in a cave. And it's not a warden.

    Music by Scott Buckley!! Huge apology for forgetting to credit him.

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    1. Alan Becker

      No one: Not a single soul: Alan: cHeCk oUt tHis rEaCtiOn and dIrEcTorS cOmenTary

      1. Mohammad Umar 7th A 20

        They don't have a stomach.Ez🤓

      2. Bombshell2

        stop relating boomer

      3. Ai Ngu Le thi

        Love 🔴🔵🟢🟡🟠

      4. Braxton Tandean


      5. chiecken man



      I like how second coming and red beating mobs

    3. Ariel Legarda

      do you have a dimond play button

    4. G\!C# UNKNOWN

      Purple: finally here Orange and green: *sup*

    5. Leah Murillo

      4:53 Red: I have gone god mode *catches arrow* (I’m a byo i’m just using my mums account because i’m to lazy to make my own)

    6. 25k_xx_Selever_xx_25k

      2:07 SUSSY POSITION-😱

    7. Caitlin Smith

      If you dislike one of Alan’s videos he will be ashamed of you.

    8. DiamondmanPixel76

      The Second Coming's fight with Red should remind some people of something...


      Hi, my music is quite good what do you think...

    10. Riley Naughton

      thumbnail is water drip and water epicness

    11. Riley Naughton

      thumbnail is water drip and water epicness

    12. Acerola Plays Miitopia

      Did anyone notice this was sometime after Animation vs. Animator turned 15?

    13. Gexi

      Prediction: Alexcrafter will be the one defeating the other orange. There's no much more powerful sentient being on minecraft than the player itself who has the ability to use/play minecraft itself.

    14. moonful;)

      they just fighting in that huge mob crowded area!

    15. Austin Rand

      Do orange and red even know that the mobs come out during the night time? I only ask because in season 1 they only came out when it was raining.

    16. Dante 13


    17. AMAYSU,


    18. Donovan Waggoner

      Showing the animations' power level by having them fight at extremely low hunger but they still treat the mobs as terrain basically lmao

    19. Ashton Ruiz

      0:20, Notice how the Staff changed from Parkour to Lush Caves. It’s the one that yellow had apparently, and it’s smaller..

    20. el ajolote mexicano

      nice animation

    21. Get REC'D

      when second coming and red were fighting it was the most passive aggresive thing ive seen

    22. Mary ann Suello

      Hi coya

    23. susser staub

      This two pvp

    24. Pepe Pepepito

      WTF a blue axolot

    25. MerryGacha Gaming

      Bruh i see they have added the new cave update - noice

    26. Player #1

      Bruh no one gonna tell about the rare blue axolotls

    27. Jack Kim

      Well basically Alan Becker is the king of stick figures [alan becker] : bow to the king of the stick figure kind of kingdom becuse I made them allllll [everyone be like] : yes master

    28. mysticCabinboy

      > mechwarrior 4 BASED

    29. hanania inara

      Was that blue axolotl!?

    30. 🍁Frost Craft281🍁

      2:17 Crepper : whats my fault :(

    31. FISH F0n

      Do the stockman require space in the hard drive

    32. Dark Matter

      3:31 They dont care if they found the one of the rarest Mob in Minecraft LOL Blue Axolotl: They dont care on me?!

    33. Roy

      3:32 HOW IS THERE 3 Purple axolotl‘s!

    34. Skelebot

      I know the background music is from Scott Buckley. But what song is it?

    35. King Goose the Honk

      I like how normally that many mobs would have demolished just TSC and red, but when they are arguing, ph how the turns have tabled

    36. King Goose the Honk

      2:25 R.I.P spider

    37. zahide fank


    38. zahide fank

      Bence turuncu haklı çünkü kırmızı hepsini buraya getirdi getirmeseydi diğerlerinde kaypolmazdı

    39. zahide fank

      O sadece hayali değilmi

    40. KIN

      God bless you an everyone that reads this bro🙌🏾❤️I pray that whoever reads this, would take the time to evaluate there current situation and come to the realization that they can’t make it in this life alone! And that we as humans including myself are sinful by nature! BUT, God sent His son Jesus to pay for our sins and through accepting His sacrifice, we unlock our free gift of salvation! And start to read our word and follow Christ and His example!🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

    41. Master Gamer

      I like how the guy is wearing a full set of iron armor but there is no armor bar

    42. joematraque


    43. The Tigerr

      I hate this episode

    44. Yan Langti

      What is the game name

    45. Lilly Neko

      Wow, you can tell that this is no play-fighting and that’s this is pure anger and desperation. It’s amazing how Alan can put personality into characters that don’t even have faces!

    46. Shark Megalodon

      I love how red was so scared of Alex’s cursor, he has prior experience with cursors. While SC just slaps it. It’s little details like that is what improves the video.

    47. Carmen Mendoza

      Lol jajajaja

    48. David Douglas

      Idiot bad

    49. Zermaxx OG

      Nobody: The creeper: Hehe, AUGH- *dies*

    50. Laykern

      Red and orange trying to fight each other axolotl‘s STOP

    51. TheEddResult

      The scene at 2:49: fight to the death Subtitles for no reason: *So*

    52. News that’s not News

      I got an ad for a Stickman Fight game , but the ad was just footage of AVM Episode 1.

    53. We Are Family

      Raging save orange and red LOL

    54. Shane Heiden

      I really I’m a fan fan you put more

    55. JL Cuevas O

      So... Alan's PC is always On but he never sees it? Ok that's weird

    56. Glitchy44

      wait if they just DIE they will go to their spawn... isnt that their home?????/ where their try to get back to??????????/

    57. bullet hell sans

      Can u spot the rare blue axolotl

    58. Peenaplee Spiky Boii

      this w2as amazing mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    59. felix Kaw

      I saw blue axolotol 3:31

    60. TentacledElixir


    61. Tansaka 1


    62. Alex anonimo

      3:30 Xd

    63. Clam Chow

      "This reminds me of that time I fought that giant chicken." - Peter Guy

    64. davi bob game

      o qui fofinho o axalote=)

    65. Łøł

      All Mob : Wat Is Going On Orange And Red : Still Fighting *Sand Fell* Cave And More Mob : Wth Orange And Red : Fight in Water

    66. SUS


    67. the crime boi

      Don't with these two They WILL kick your ass

    68. Андрей Другой

      Крутая серия мультов! Продолжайте в том же духе!

    69. Branleigh Manongsong

      I like your videos

    70. boboiboy duri boongan

      I don't understane why in minecraft the blue axolotl it's very very very rare Animation VS minecraft be like:wow there's to much blue axolotl

    71. Awi Awi

      They dont realize that they found 3 blus axolotl

    72. 10_ Nguyễn Tiến Đạt lớp 6.5

      i very like

    73. Oppo F1s

      1:08 😂😂 5:06 😂😂 player minecraft 5:22

    74. Roran Truong

      This vid is Wholesome

    75. MiguelLira

      Me gustó que en la pc de "alexcrafter23" estará el lunarclient XD

    76. Sam Hijmans

      I like how orange and red just found 3 blue axolotls and just didn't care

    77. Robinson Tudtud

      3:37 Why are they fighting Probably because of the decision

    78. Robinson Tudtud

      No one: Orange: 2:17 go away I'm killing red for doing thesh😢

    79. Saiwashere

      Orange and red literally fighting Literally a few minutes later: aight we chill

    80. Saiwashere

      How did they not lose hearts from hungerness and afwr gettig repeatedt hit ?

    81. Saiwashere

      For the first time in like 7 years, the orange and red stick fibure are fightig

    82. blacky

      do the stick figures NOT get fall damage?

    83. Đình An Nguyễn

      I love you three thousand

    84. Can Levitas

      Orange and red is fighting… Mobs: WE ARE IN!

    85. ꧁ Niebieska Panda ꧂

      2:16 Orange with creeper: 300 IQ

    86. taicyoaaa


    87. Phan Huỳnh Bảo Hy 7A3

      Why am I understand with Purple? He is the rude and stupid idiot with his king!

    88. Nic0_Gamer

      2:17 Orange: Fuck off creeper

    89. Yolanda Ezquivel

      Hola beker

    90. Felix Galdos

      Quien ve esta serie ? " Yo si "

    91. Ben Langley

      they encountered 3 - 5 BLUE axolotls in one place with more blue axolotls in the background

    92. mason's world

      prob the blue axolotls are best friends

    93. mason's world

      3 BLUE AXOLOTLS AT THE SAME TIME!?!??!?!!?!?

    94. MrSpace

      i like how orange and red fights with each other while fighting with mobs

    95. Garon 75

      U know what? i’ve done myself the « command block stick » who act like a normal command block but also with presaved comlands like build a portal, kill or explode someone so if someone want this datapack i’m gonna post it on planetminecraft (and i’m frennch so i know for the errors)

    96. WEBCAMS-everyone


    97. jaxon.minecraft

      I wouldve limed to see what this vidio would have looked liked if they werent fighting

    98. NewChallenger

      2:16 dayum orange is on ultra instinct

    99. JSLGamer221 21

      Is this before, or after Animator vs Animation V? Cause if it’s after red would be dead.

    100. scruffycello

      Alan's other channel, Alan Becker clips should have the same fire background but have shears instead of a cursor for the clips part