Lucky Blocks - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 19

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Based on a very popular mod for Minecraft.

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    Check out me reacting to the video on AvG at "Animation vs. Minecraft - Lucky Blocks | AvG Reacts!"

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    1. Gloria Lau


    2. Mario Yoanda

      ALAN GOD 😀

    3. kaan caferoğlu

      Türk olan

    4. Victor viscenzo Cuadros saldaña

      9:90 agradecido con el de arriba

    5. RylanBlackDog

      That poor dog it died

    6. Malique Davis

      The pig saves the day 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    7. Erika Hernandez lopez

      Guau que chido

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    9. Neil Chapman

      Like and sub

    10. Game Player

      Is there an Android download version?

    11. Lighti Draws

      The absolute nostalgic memories I have with lucky blocks.. Thank you, Pat and Jen. Those two have made this video much more enjoyable :)

    12. Kadez

      I think Alan might have a idea of we’re lucky blocks come from and how there produced

    13. nhân

      Mẹ cấp bạn ơi các bạn có biết Minecraft đó là phiên bản 1.mấy

    14. GATITO_PRO_8972

      To the verga the pig God

    15. Mep Mep

      Wow, Never knew that Yellow was in the Lucky block, So thats where hes been. (AMOGUS)

    16. アマオン

      日本人生存確認 ↓ ↓

    17. Lincster

      Are sure red isn’t the best fighter

    18. Kimberly Kirts

      9:24 (fighting and stuff) Subtitles: you [music]

    19. Jake


    20. Jake


    21. Jake

      This is my first day at home today

    22. Miguel Rafael Villones

      Wait what the fu#*

    23. Jonathan Gacha

      Yellow's like "I AM A GOD!"

    24. [⭐]🅰️LEXANDRE[13]


    25. [⭐]🅰️LEXANDRE[13]


    26. Beluga 2

      The avenger’s

    27. Jedrek Arches

      The moral of the video is when you abuse your power it get out of control

    28. Red Cheetah

      1:52. Me: Lucky blocks are as SUS as Imposter.

    29. Maura Rojas Jaimes

      Ya me e suscrito

    30. BaconNewb

      when you pick diamonds over netherite:

    31. ZoeyLeb

      oh no thay found mods...

    32. rami

      극장판 보고 싶어요!!

    33. Cinthya Diaz

      I love you art

    34. 박찬준

      1:52 When the Lucky Block is sus

    35. Xóchitl Diaz

      Nobody see that actually blue was thinking that the lucky block is actually a mario block 0:20

    36. Evil_Mihnea

      Imagine an episode where they find out about minecraft mods

    37. Veszprémi Réka

      that horse looks so strange because of its neck xD

    38. Little Prince

      9:15 some skeleton and a zombie general

    39. Mathew Remon George Fouad Ⓜ️

      Technoblade be like: nah imma invite them to the dream smp

    40. LuckyMasterd

      Baby technoblade never died

    41. Osman Kagan

      Alan im just watching your video and some ad showup they use your video as a ad the game name is red stickman parkour fighter

    42. vasu osuri

      I love the pig 💕❤️

    43. Num1MarioFan

      also First off The Blocks that these are based on, Aren't called "Lucky Blocks" They're called "Question Mark Blocks", This is backed up by the LEGO Mario Sets that say "? Block" for the block on the box.

    44. Num1MarioFan

      0:20 Bruuhhhh Mario doesn't use his head for that! He uses his FIST.

    45. Ricardo Silva

      ri Quem deliciado dos

    46. Ricardo Silva


    47. ricke

      Vicita o meu canal ele tabem trabla co animação no esta ai

    48. Payton Bourassa

      Do orange and red actually have a thing

    49. steve


    50. Stick Man

      The lucky block god saved u red

    51. Haruki

      2:31 かわいいw

    52. Blake Bricker

      4:29-5:00 so this is what happened to Red in animation vs Minecraft

    53. Eddie Xmalot


    54. Jet Young-ja

      MLG MLG

    55. Triệu Vy Nguyễn


    56. Camilo Culintas

      SUPER MARIO style

    57. The Yeeters Gang

      don’t u hate it when someone breaks open a lucky block, is able to summon anything they want, becomes a ghost and thier body gets taken over and becomes evil, and u have to fight the, with stuff they summon for you?

    58. armiyan jafar

      The prison looks like a Minecraft zombie head

    59. Wayne Yuan

      I wish notch added these custom items

    60. Toges Wife


      1. Wayne Yuan


    61. santiago meneses

      si bsuper canal el de alan beiker bengo de parte de theodd 1saud

    62. Miguel Cortez

      2:01 AMOGUS

    63. ⲘคdคRค

      Deez Nuts

    64. ira sophianty

      Fun fact then red is controled by herobrine And now red the last one who survive by get control with Lucky block

    65. Mischief



      tecnoblade never die pog

    67. Thanh Tung Nguyen Thi

      O F gc

    68. Your Daily Lyrics man XD

      1:02 2:32 awww! Look at red! :DD

    69. Vyper_Videos

      1:54 SUS

    70. Roran Truong


    71. Robinson Tudtud


    72. Carlos Argeta


    73. Joko winarno Winarno


    74. Parker Retz

      Tech no blade has been summoned

    75. nictos


    76. Isabella malo piedrahita

      AlanVirabotAlanOrangeAlanGreenwow AlanRedAlanBlueHappy Diwali 💛💚AlanYellow

    77. Wildan Alkholid


    78. Wildan Alkholid


    79. ridwansurya febrian


    80. Angel Ponce

      Let’s all agree that yellow is the smartest one from the group

    81. Heath Roush

      I don't know what it is about red saluting after getting all the things from the other 4, but it gets me every time.

    82. Ari

      10:11 Kid: dad can we have technoblade? Dad: no son we have technoblade at home Technoblade at home:

    83. Eli Villanueva

      Fucking shiter bad boo

    84. Eli Villanueva


    85. Din

      big fard






      Aunque suba ahí cosas diamante

    89. moonblast power levels

      My dad said he will give me a iPhone 13 when pigs fly and that pig just flew so where's my I phone 13

    90. CVDemonyCV

      los cerdos estan muy op

    91. Mustafa Gameplay

      2:01 lucky block sus

    92. Miguel Baltazar

      red: wings blue: nether wart wand green: grappling hook orange: autocraft mod in a nutshell

      1. Hems Kannan

        Why didn’t he make the wings an elytra?

    93. Daae Kim

      I liek this part= 9:15

      1. Daae Kim

        Their *

      2. Daae Kim

        Because there shower no off

    94. The Bunny killer

      Very good

    95. fractalgem

      I got submachine vibes from that portal.

    96. Minecraft car return

      Anyone going to talk about the fact that was in those stuff like them as a right sword or just stuff to make the candles so yeah this guy had unreleased things in this video

    97. Chronic meme46

      This could be a Pixar short

    98. GamerMarlon

      Blue is trying to be mario

    99. ♡Miku girl xd♡

      Ma on Viet Nam i love English English say Hello or good bye or ma sad i love English💞💞💖💗💞💖💗💘💗💞💖

    100. ivo van ek

      POV: the temple is in Sweden, notch made it