I made a Stick Figure Animation Course!

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    1. Alan Becker

      Hey! Hola! Halo! Olá! Chào! 你好! 🇪🇸 El curso está disponible en español: bit.ly/bloopES 🇮🇩 Kursus ini tersedia dalam Bahasa Indonesia: bit.ly/bloopID 🇧🇷 O curso está disponível em português: bit.ly/bloopPT 🇻🇳 Khóa học có một lựa chọn tiếng Việt: bit.ly/bloopVT 🇨🇳 本课程有中文选项: bit.ly/bloopZH

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        Hi alan beker

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        Anda indonesia tau lainya

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    3. Nero Bryant Marquez

      Man your so cool for making the stickfigure and I like your animations man

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      Are you real

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      I Like Animations, So This Course Will Be Called Ani-Course.

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      This Amazing !

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      Pls do animation v.s. among us pls-request animation pls

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      Stick Figure Animatiom Course!? I must join it..

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      Hi I'm mahmoud I want course translated to Arabic Please i really need this course Thanks Alan Becker 👍

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      Ông viết tiếng việt luôn kìa

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      No one can beat this man with his animations.

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      You were there on 2007!? That makes you... I have know idea.

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      What app do you use to make those little stick figures?

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      I am vn

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      Bagus bang et bang

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      If you want to became an animator on youtube, focus on your story telling, not your animation quality. -Alan Becker

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      Wow :)

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      how do you do thes???????????????????????

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      ah yes my childhood animator

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      his first video be like: *Trampoline Timelapse*

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      Your animations are fire!!! You made me make an new stickman-woman for my animation... I wish it will be fire like yours 😸👍🔥😻

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    30. stickman fan

      good you ar smart

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      Iba a decir que hablas español pero ya viste el problema es la: Ñ :(

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      I am vietnamese

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      She was so happy she was the best friend and she

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      sos vuenisimo

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      How do you make the animations?

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      Am a Big fan of that 🥰🤩 I love you 💕💕💕💕 God bless you 😃💓

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      You have such great ideas for video's! Keep it going for every day and you'll get play buttons!

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      How to make this bro in android

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      chào alan becker like

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      how you make the animation

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      Ko nói tiếng Việt đi

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      You know Vietnameese 😱😲😆

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      được của nó mặc dù em là người nước ngoài nhưng em và em họ em đã là fan anh từ nhưng năm 2019 rồi

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      Alan Becker is best

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      the best animation.I lkke this animation because so funny,creatif and best .thank you for whaching animation by alan becker.bye🤣😆

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      Alan those haters are very stupid dont ever listin to them becuas the haters dont really now that animaition is hard

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      I hope your channel continues to grow, my name is Axel Armuelles and goodbye

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      Hello Alan Becker, I send you a greeting from Panama, I thank you for entertaining me with your videos and animated figures. I hope you greet me bye

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      Hi Alan from Indonesia 🇮🇩

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      Victim is the most legendary stick figure

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    65. sonia shakeel

      iam dont understand bloop animation and animate cc what 2 wil best to make it for mcpe minecraft for computer window screen monitor please alan becker send a comment for 2 and 1 best i think thats both of best

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      Videos i love it orange one

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      Thanks For The Tips. I am your 10000000% fan

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      Alan Becker is Alan Walker

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      Why is Alan becker is not taking English

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      2009: funny animation for fun :) 2021: WHOLE ENTIRE STUDIO FOR FRICKING STICKFIGURES

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      а тут хоть ктонибудь по руске разговаривает?

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      Pls do ep 27 I wishing

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      the animation is very good i like it all

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      i wish this stick animation bug is real huh.. best friend on laptop and take care of it while im away alan becker i want u to make this virus pls 🥺🥺

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      Even if he says a lot of pride in one video like literally the most pride person, I won't even be mad, he can pride all he want because he deserve it.

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      Eu sabia que VC falava português a descrição tá em português!

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