Build Battle - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 17

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Everyone is mad that Green keeps winning all of the Building Contests. Who can bring him down?

    Watch Episode 18 Here:

    Full Animation vs. Minecraft Playlist:

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    SPECIAL THANKS TO THESE PATRONS: Aidan Christie, Anul Kumar Sinha, Erich Roschuni, Jason Hall, LoneWolf38, Taysia-lynn Genobaga-Arneho

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    1. Fathir muchtar


    2. あんこもち


    3. Prince Gift Nazh D. Pacañot

      Mali PO Ang mananalo na si green

    4. Stefani Vaella

      Wait... If they can't talk and just communicate each other with movements or drawings, HOW DID YELLOW WHISPERED TO TSC???

    5. nadie

      No spam. Obviously cuz y'all don't spam. :V

    6. Maranatha Datkom

      how to make that in windows 10

    7. Patrick Cheung

    8. Your Ex

      He should make a stickman thingy where they are stickmen around you while you do your online tasks

    9. Shu sum Li

      The lesson today is u can never beat green the boss

    10. ROHIT JHA

      How robot get the sword

    11. Verrell Feril


    12. Mark Daniel Ontolan

      This episode is very good for me

    13. justin yurie gevero

      ok i was gonna comment so lets watch this video guys

    14. Specialism

      I was kinda expecting yellows robot to start shooting TNT at green’s build Too bad it wouldn’t have mattered

    15. Sass

      war robot animasi pleassse

    16. Juan Magan

      Bruh my coment long XD WAIT... FORTNIGHT

    17. Juan Magan

      I like these videos but with captions WOOOOOOOOOOW AMAZING

    18. Amane Namikaze

      Green is fricking crazy at building

    19. Wh!tty

      Yellow (or green cuz I’m color blind) always Starts off HoRrIbLe but in the end. He enDs uP WInniNg

      1. Stefani Vaella

        The one that is better than others with building is the Green one. Yellow is the one who knows everything about redstone

    20. Maria Cecilia Latonero

      Cool Alan Becker

    21. DH

      The orange dude relates to me

    22. Venti 2

      which one you like second coming blue green yellow red purple

    23. why?like why?bruhh..

      epic video:)

    24. K2z1

      if they were in a class room Green: Multi talented star of the class Orange/sc: that dude that always sleep in class Yellow: Engineering master when it comes to science Red: That one kid that has a bunch of cool pets Blue: The dude that brings different types of drink in his water bottle to school.

    25. Emy Lovett

      4:10 Anxious to see Green's build again until I gasp in disbelief as he brings forth demise...


      Good job green👍

    27. Özgür Köprülü

      Giii8iiyuiuuuuououoooooooooooooooojiuiuuuiiuuu76 iyi6uyuyjtu.littuioiuoiiytyy799py8

    28. Your Daily Lyrics man XD

      1:27 LOL

    29. uwu


    30. ZWolfX


    31. ★ zWater BG ★

      I like SC sleeps alot

    32. Baden


    33. gideon mckay

      Green toing Fortnite dance 1:28

    34. Hien Truong

      Orange always sleeping

    35. FNF Gamer

      when green do defalt dance in fortnite

    36. Caswell Brown

      3:34 to 3:43 this part is very funny

    37. Marcos Ramos Ribeiro


    38. Chiken GOD 3492

      When green spawns in wither oh sheeeee everyone else’s na just a prank bois

    39. Amiel Seth Isaac Chica

      Ok I'm starting to think green is cheating like maybe green is the first one to discover the command block in the first place in animator vs Minecraft ex. How did he make his robot move?

    40. Husna Tsania

      Uuuuuuuuuu cool😎

    41. Gt Nita

      🔴:Noob build 🌕: Redstone build 🔵:Pro build 🎾:God Build

    42. 050 WeiXian

      I like the fact that you put fortnight dance moves in there

    43. hitesh belchandan

      Green is realy god

    44. Nick

      Poor green

    45. Ryan aja


    46. Frank Wu

      Hi you guys

    47. 김우진

      ㅠ:;ㅜㅡㅜㅐㅏ. )( ㅜㅡㅗㅛ. ㅛㅛㅛ ㅛㅛ ㅓㅓ ㅕㅁㅇㅎㄹㅎㄷㅎㅇ

    48. Maize X

      Blue the best color

    49. G DB

      1:26 LOL

    50. Helder Macedo

      I like so much this videos make more

    51. PedroManX

      Very good!!!

    52. Eric Yuxuan Hao

      43 million views wow

    53. Onion cookie

      when i tap this a stick figure ad appeared with a stolen scence of cave spiders

    54. Cyrix

      5:25 And there just like that knocked em out!!!

    55. Chui Throwaway

      The sordid accordion similarly interfere because spark comprehensively spot vice a ill-fated fear. oafish, woozy platinum

    56. Miqueias Canquerini

      Alan Bechara vs todito

    57. Greentoes B status

      1:28 lmao default dance

    58. Sina Tem


    59. Minecrablox

      My favorite scene is where the toy robot deflected the tnt and *literally pulls out a diamond sword*

    60. Tails Crying with Cosmo

      1:29 1# VICTORY ROYALE

    61. Ayah Juan

      I love green

    62. 나종덕

      주황 코고는거 미친

    63. Dying Wi-Fi

      Next time search up real steel atom

    64. Ultra gamer

      Default danceing

    65. Fun Toys Creativity

      Mech vs wither

    66. Mul Yono

      Alan becker vs minecraf

    67. Ela Yulianti

      Semuanya ko oren bisa melawan merah yang kepala bulat kaya oren

    68. Rem

      1:49 TOYOTA SUPRA?!!!!!!!!!

    69. Asril Afrizal

      Yang hitam mana alan backer kasi ikut dia lagi

    70. Back the Blue

      It's not real these battles are so scripted

    71. Abdul Latheef

      My favourite

    72. Abdul Latheef

      I like this

    73. Liem Ly


    74. Liem Ly

      Người Que Minecraft

    75. PigeonRod

      The subtitles kept on saying you other than applauding and music

    76. Mrteddybear

      1:28 L-

    77. alvaro roa alvarez

      Green is an artist Yellow is a fisic Blue is a quimic And red is the bologic

    78. 愛野美奈子


    79. Shy Shy Shy In Your Area🍦 #BerEl

      Sonu çok ii sıckdocms

    80. 이정근

      한국 사람이 봐도 재미있는 이맛

    81. Gede Kertayasa

      5:23 Red & Blue Be like: its okay i just want green lose so i'm glad you win Green: Watch Out!!

    82. CNC TV


    83. Pablosum

      Just slipped in the Supra 😏

    84. Birthday_boy_blam

      green: the musician orange: the leader/problem solver yellow: the redstone brainiac blue: the farmer/brewer red: the animal lover

    85. Effendy Munir

      yang bikin payah animasi boboboy

    86. Effendy Munir

      animasinya bodoh

    87. Setiyawan Setiyawan


    88. Nowelen The Pro

      3:38 DONT mess with robot os

    89. MegaPlayz


    90. MegaPlayz


    91. MegaPlayz

      GREEN IS A HACKER!!!!!

    92. 5starsplayz

      For the toy robot the yellow guys turn the green guy slow clapped him

    93. JJ Armstrong

      Talents Blue: Potion Expert/Farming Expert Yellow: Redstone Expert/Smartass Green: Various Talents Expert Red: Animal Expert Orange: Sleeping Expert

      1. Scott Seida

        I would say green is a music and builds expert.

      2. Monaliza Das

        "orange: sleeping expert" Me: Oh come on! At least he's *trying* not to sleep!

      3. Pingin

        Am pretty much yellow


        @RawCookieDough NM BH nvnlvj

      5. JJ Armstrong

        Oh yeah lmao

    94. ByeLamanburg X4

      Am I seriously the only one that. Doesn’t hate green for default dancing?

      1. ByeLamanburg X4

        @RawCookieDough ok

      2. RawCookieDough

        Nope I just laughed

    95. Creeper.CyborgHD

      SC always Sleep

    96. David Gameplay

      Green is my guy

    97. Mango

      Favorite restaurants: Red: McDonald’s SC: chick fill a Blue: jimmy johns Yellow: Papa john’s pizza Green: Arby’s & raising canes

      1. Stefani Vaella

        @Piotrek X5 You mean Mango (the king)?

      2. Piotrek X5

        Brown (yes there is brown) : KFC

    98. Awrad Alkubeesh

      Hello SCHOOL

    99. Jing Bin Timmy Lim

      Is this real?