Blue's New Superpower -

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Blue can turn dollars into trees. So can you!

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    1. Shem Leonard Dela Cruz

      soon he makes team seas


      red; gets tree powers

    3. Erik Vasas

      Imagine, we all have the same power as blue only spiced up with slow mo 😊

    4. Sean Teo

      Red and green epicly makes a hotdog. Orange:grabs a hotdog under the counter

    5. Мир Максима

      Почему название руское?

    6. john aldrin de guzman

      Wow teamtrees and teamseas lol mrbeast and stickman maker

    7. santhoshkumar sivadasan

      team seas donate 1doler to pick 1 poend of trash

    8. pz999 เดชงู


    9. Augustho Colla  - Adventures Channel


    10. Augustho Colla  - Adventures Channel

      Hey in 2 years§§§§§§§§§§§§§£££€£§§€§§§§§§§§

    11. That one Russian guy

      He destroyed the city

    12. Ali_Smol

      Если бы стикманы были в реальном мире:

    13. saymon BG

      Alan sabe español o que!?

    14. бравл джин /Крут

      Money to the wind

    15. Wither Skeleton

      0:52 rip sola

    16. 헬멧사신

      Bey my 💰.......

    17. Verónica Bermudez

      Do it with trash next

    18. Lina Amber

      Can we do it in the next video?

    19. b ter

      t thought I can donate only 1 but it needs 50

    20. Даниил Чернов

      Ты русский?

    21. Cinthia Tapia

      blue is good person

    22. Ai

      Now Green should have TeamSeas powers

    23. Samso Sum


    24. Rapjs 798

      and that's how orange took away alan's life savings

    25. Lindsey Williams

      Team trees+animation=this video

    26. Thiên Vũ Lâm Nguyễn

      Where are you from, Alan Becker ?

    27. [.·•°Whxi Ivy°•·.]

      it took me 1 year to realized the animation was all abt "dont waste tree for moneys"

    28. ThesleepinFAded DUSKIT

      Teamseas? Green next super power

    29. Eti Fan

      Aku orang indonesia bang

    30. Juan Soto

      Azul tiene el mejor superpoder de todos ayuda al mundo 👍👍👍👏👏👏

    31. ItsYaManJay

      I wonder if he'll make a TeamSeas video now?

    32. Andrew Jean Jacques

      Money doesnt grow on trees, But *grows* trees

    33. Betis Animations


    34. Angry Godzilla, or beth Kelly

      Money really does grow on trees

    35. ej serrano

      Who say that money grow to trees

    36. mgnj102 roblox

      When is team seas comeing out 👀

    37. M Garcia

      Click It!

    38. Alex gamer

      Sensacional mano o alan becke e incrivel fasendo esses videos assim

    39. razylazy

      Now make an animation about Team Seas

    40. Alona Jost

      PrOCesS MAKinG

    41. Alona Jost

      no it's actually donate a dollar plant a tree

    42. Rai Prabhu

      Fun fact :Money dosent grow on trees Sc:No wrong Blue this is the opposite

    43. Los Juegos de Balam


    44. Danfer Urbina Figueroa

      me saludas pls

    45. Blue BucketPlayz

      Now its team seas could u do animation on team seas

    46. Michi El GATITO SANS

      Blue the tree maker machine

    47. KaM

      Future alan: And that my son, the story of how i had to sell a lung to pay the debt :]

    48. minik bücürler


    49. ekzb0x

      Oh Ok

    50. ekzb0x


      1. ekzb0x

        Oh Ok

    51. Justin Tang golf memo

      2019: team trees 2021:team seas 2023:team BEES

    52. Eli Williamson

      me: I HATE ADS!!!! me watching this: technically an ad, but i love it

    53. vIRyS

      Teamseas when?

    54. Phénix

      Alain vient de me ruiner la ;-;

    55. Артем Влад А4 Лада


    56. BlueBerry's Nyonnie!

      Someone: money doesnt grow on trees *Blue: yeah now watch this*

      1. Andrew Cheng

        Yeah,trees grow from money

    57. fritzie saldon

      im going to copy like blue sell chocolate in real life if this gonna work

    58. Duckling

      Money doesn't grow on trees, Money grows trees.

    59. Duckieman64

      The only proplem is that he litters by putting the candy on the floor


      Oh đúng là tuyệt vời

    61. santiago florez332

      I see mrbeast and I saw the video of the arborles

    62. Large Boy

      The video for teamseas could start with the candy wrappers floating away into the ocean

    63. Ratna Anjani

      2019: team trees 2021 team seas


      i wish buisness was like this 1:54

    65. Miroslav


    66. Į

      Mom : money doesn't grow on trees Me : money is paper which comes from trees

    67. xCoolChoix and Anjgaming107

      Amazing, The second coming donated $5100 with Alan's credit card

    68. Thu Hiền Nguyễn


    69. José Roberto Castelan

      It s great as more videos of these

    70. Gamer1435

      Team seas bud team seas

    71. Gabriel Panaro

      Hey Allan i really want to help but i dont have how to help

    72. rabbito

      Wow teamtrees

    73. boredlake - The Roblox Channel

      He can put humor into anything

    74. Cw and the Blue Enderman

      Ayo blue, I think I also wanna buy a stickers bar!

    75. Twilight Eevee

      That’s another mistake just like the ender dragon one with the baby and the dragons tail was still showing

    76. Twilight Eevee

      I meant where did the chocolate bar on the couch go

    77. Twilight Eevee

      I love how you care about the earth there’s one problem where did the chocolate bar on the couch girl

    78. Michael Pardo

      Money doesn’t come from trees TREES COME FROM MONEY

    79. SuperHyper

      Wow Blue U are Good Making trees 🌲

    80. Proto Rent

      1:50 TeamTrees: water=food for plants so HURRAY:D TeamSeas: You Mother Fu-

    81. Zahir Tarazona

      Me estas diciendo que exixte un multiverso?

    82. logan N


    83. roblox TONK


    84. Huytuan

      Blue be like: muda x3,14

    85. Little fire thingy

      Grow tree make money grow more tree more money c:

    86. dev1707

      and he actually donated $5100 to teamtrees

    87. amsirahc

      Team trees Team seas

    88. InfintiyAnimates

      Your Growkng My Sins

    89. SJcoA

      now make team seas

    90. why?like why?bruhh..

      Mr.beast: "ahhhhh my first learning"

    91. Jyll Saga

      the truck is driving toward the ocean Blue: Get Ready to become Jesus

    92. kawaki

      Cara vc podia colocar um poder para o red

    93. Ayush Karki

      @TeamTrees yay this was Adam

    94. Os Stickmins

      Animation vs animator comedia

    95. Os Stickmins

      Faz mais animação de comedia com o chose one e o dark lord apos o céu ultimo episodio de animasão vs minecraft agora vai ser animasão vs animator

    96. Lucasgames

      Mas ele agora fala em português vocês não viu o título em português

    97. NarutoUzumaki

      Naranja te dejo sin dinero xd

    98. 안겸


    99. 안겸


    100. 안겸