Animation vs. Pokémon (official)

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Don't leave your Nintendo DS plugged into the computer...
    This animation is based on the games Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver! I tried to be as accurate as possible and capture the experience of team bonding and growing up together. Hope you guys like it!

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    1. Dendra Dwi gatya

      Wow all your videos are cool

    2. Ömer deniz Erem

      is it weird that I want a ds now?

    3. Piedabest

      The power of anime in the game

    4. Asmawi Aswin

      Bang tangkep raykuwazat

    5. Алдияр Жантереков

      Пожалуйста сделайте продолжение (типо другие ригионы я хочу пожалуста) ✨✨✨✨✨✨

    6. Bissy, The Creator Of Animations

      For sure, He was playing Pokemon SoulSliver or HeartGold in Nintendo DS.

    7. Wither Skeleton

      10:01 amzing

    8. BIN NTVA


    9. error

      I love how is silver yellow im strating playing it right now!

    10. Karlo The gamer

      what if they challenged lost silver

    11. Titania Cendy


    12. Emiliano Quinteros Romero

      dammit how much time alan take to make that sandwich?

    13. Marvelous Sean Darrell

      part 2 pls

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    15. Kitz Polinar

      man its been a while

    16. gatito_BloxYT

      Sus amigos mira vamos a ver la película de naranja XD

    17. David Adej

      Did not even roll


      This SHOULD be a series

    19. kidsgamingWastaken

      Those look likes NDS!

    20. kidsgamingWastaken

      What is this

    21. John Mason


    22. Yến Bùi

      How does this work that orange just playing and somehow he got a thing to revive that hes new. Where did it come from

    23. Ziho TV


    24. BasWasOut

      11:59 green: sup

    25. Oliver_ Databrawl ✓

      This makes even better the pokemon fights

    26. gamingwith walter


    27. Jhonata ruan cruz família diamante

      Macetes o rapaz é massa É massa esse desenho aí é muito é foda

    28. ZA CK

      i like how the owner dropped his fork

    29. Pomik161

      Blue has squirtle squad shades. I’m assuming everyone knew that.

    30. Haiman Alonde

      "good frends are good enemies"

    31. Dippy the Great

      This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

    32. Sir Ecuadorian

      If the character said that i don’t belong there i will commit *f e t u s d e l e t u s*

    33. Maria Paz Katrina Aligada


    34. Christy Rodriguez

      Can you do animation vs among us

    35. Claudio Peca

      show adorei

    36. 飛鳥


    37. Macamary Rivera P

      Silver What with Silver ._.

    38. Macamary Rivera P

      Im playing Pokemon Silver and this is Pokemon SoulSilver lol

    39. Fiora Vanti

      Stealing Starter pokemon initially

    40. KaM

      Orange: epicly fighting a legendary pokemon Other stickmans: **proceeds to drink cola and just spectate**

    41. Fikriy Firmansyah

      Indo solo

    42. 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖒𝖆𝖓 𝕻𝖑𝖆𝖞𝖘

      I love this video

    43. Tap_superparrotgaming

      Sc:catches Pokémon Yellow:I have caught Pokémon but he did steal those Pokémon even though he used pokeballs like me

    44. Victor Hugo S M

      Congratulations Orange stickman and winner and Pokémon league

    45. Ghastgamer 64

      Are you k? ... 1:23

    46. Ghastgamer 64

      You k... 1:22

    47. Tomaz

      got damn orange beat the 8 gyms only while alex was just out for lunch my man's a speedrunner

    48. Michael M

      love this video

    49. Rasslabon

      Love Pokemon

    50. el raro 2.0

      la wuea hermosa.

    51. Семён маи́нкрафт


    52. Opossum Boi

      I expected Johto boy to pull out a gun near the end

    53. puree

      i was took the lost silver

    54. Arda Ve Çılgın Oyunlar

      Oh wath

    55. Arda Ve Çılgın Oyunlar


    56. Nobu official

      làm cái này cực lắm luôn ấy

    57. Eli Landers

      you should do a vid w/ all the video games theyve been in

    58. yappz Stream

      i loved it thanks for posting bye

    59. Sachin Karpe

      5:42 perfect squirtle

    60. um


    61. DuyPhu Roblox 2

      Red be like :im gonna beat mount silver And red beat it but 1 year later he became the ghost of mount silver as khown of a pokemon creepypasta

    62. Sahdi Ali


    63. iTzKen

      Alan:Just going to get a lunch TSC: *"Watch me speedrun this game"*

    64. Janice Casing

      I like it how the other are chilling and watching them fight and play lol

    65. 7shot solo

      Gold:You don't belong, and you never will. TSC: *PTSD's the time Alan Becker tried to delete him*

    66. Savanna Ramos

      The fight scenes were amazing! Great vid dude.

    67. Gus Hancock

      This is out standing like how do U even do that staff

    68. Spikecat

      2:31 THAT'S RACIST!!!!

    69. mikeTeam101

      This is soo damn cool and cute at the same time

    70. Cerberus [SlavomirAA]

      Пули. Обычные свинцовые пули.

    71. Leerey

      at the begging he thought his team would have been made up of different Pokemon then what he ended with

    72. EL PRO 007

      Cómo isiste los pixeles

    73. Kay Soe

      9:36 when the doom music kicks in

    74. 🍂 autumn 🍂

      Me how still have this exact same game on my 3ds: *Nostaliga intensifies*

    75. PedroManX

      That's REALLY GOOD!!!

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      Anh là người Việt Nam à 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

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    78. haser hit

      0:28 he just beat the game in 2 hours....

    79. Minh Trí pokemon


    80. BoiTakeshii!

      Imagine just eating and then after u get back orange stickman is on the mirage island

    81. Carlos Daniel Córdoba Castilla

      Por qué no subes animación vs Pokémon X

    82. The Fox Profile

      Nostalgia: I’m bout a hit this man so hard rn Me: OOF- *falling to ground sound* Also me: that hit hard T~T

    83. Manuel David


    84. BUNNY 🅥

      9:21 legendry fight starts

    85. el stickman red

      es hermoso

    86. 이ᄒ노오향숙


    87. 1'st tiding

      Not in the real cartoon has let us see this high quality action that you did . Too much good

    88. Fire SteveYT

      5:40 Yellow is a Fan of Pikachu 8:30 This Reminds Me of That Time I Sacrificed Myself For My Dog In Hardcore Minecraft Cause We Both Had Only 1 Health Bar Left So When That World Got deleted I Just wished It Wasn't Hardcore Mode😔 8:52 Thats Pikachu's Evolve 2! 9:44 its Like They Have The Same Pokemons But different Types 10:54 Thats AIR WATER EARTH FIRE! And LIGHTNING! 12:00 Lol😂😅

    89. Vicky Tarache

      Alan backer me enseñas ha hacer 5 stickmans

    90. alix

      Que buenas animaciones

    91. AlphaFunnyMewpa

      Please do a part two to this

    92. lielson santos TM

      This video has two years and yet alan didn't get a strike from nintendo

    93. Gamer Trio

      Alan Becker some how make stick figures awesome

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      youre asking me if i enjoyed this? i FKIN LOVED IT!

    98. Alvaro Alonso

      This is one of the best animations i have ever seen