Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 2 - All Episodes (15-19)

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    This was a good season. I made some edits to a few episodes, see if you can spot them!

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    1. Sh1nChan 0P


    2. TravisGaming ZF

      Sorry to say this, a app called ‘red stickman battle fight’ has stole 3 different animations from your videos to put in theyre ad. And 78% of rating are 5 stars. You need to stop this! And the gameplay involves watching a 10 minutes tutorial which is YOUR video, and then fighting orange, red/blue green and yellow. (You can play as red or blue stickman for each level) it is the worst game I have ever seen. Because of how much work was lost by a great youtuber.

    3. Bob Octavio

      Friday night music

    4. Vu Nguyen Kinh Lam


    5. Akbar Andrez02

      Nicee song

    6. T O A D

      : )

    7. Cynthia Wang

      I really love the music part!

    8. farid thani

      Alan Becker is the best

    9. Danyar Mohammed

      11:15 looks like a rap battle except its a musician copying battle

    10. bob

      TechoBlade 2.0: 37:08

    11. CoraCanDo

      I love the note block episode episode Alan it’s my favorite episodes of animations 🎶

    12. Carole Cannella

      26:24 is this a simulation of having a fricking stroke?

    13. Gina Sillo

      Orange is like I hate this music

    14. The Huggy Wuggy


    15. Hubster

      Yellow for build battle: Redstone Lord. Green for build battle: I always 🥇 Red for build battle: uhh what am I doing Blue for build battle: I uh forgot that I made the last battle my win

    16. Hero practicing video

      Fight from home

    17. LRs

      11:28 yellow goin ham though

    18. Helena Simonsen


    19. Helena Simonsen


    20. Helena Simonsen


    21. LRs

      10:26 gonna be my new ringtone

    22. haftalık oyun

      27:23 mario

    23. Muthohar Lujinan

      Ap ini beneran

    24. Jayden Reynand


    25. Mike Isidro

      27:23 Poor blue hit his head against a block! He thought it was a mario lucky block

    26. Mike Isidro

      If red, yellow, the chicken, and blue with musicality play as great as green without it, what would happen if green had musicality? And what about Orange?!

    27. 안경별이☆


    28. la tórtola

    29. la tórtola


    30. Ytalo Saul

      27:22 referencia a mario?

    31. Carl

      Pig the true mvp

    32. Zuberi Boxill

      6:58 FINISH HIM did the kick FATALLITY

    33. Scott Coulter

      Is this like a music battle

    34. IceGaming976

      I do wish episode 19 was a mod, in which its the normal lucky block mod, however you're now able to open the lucky block with a screwdriver to go to the Lucky realm and grab a new item called core of the Lucky Block

    35. yareaj esmeralda leon cordova

      SoH. Esmeralda

      1. yareaj esmeralda leon cordova


      2. yareaj esmeralda leon cordova


    36. Abyan😎

      Wassap bro

    37. Darth Vaughn

      Never thought I would see a chicken shredding a electric guitar

    38. Ruben Feitch

      Only Mario players will no

    39. Allan Lopez

      Green is gonna play tetris just hold on

    40. Sontryx

      Alan Becker

    41. g i

      You are best

    42. frank cosca

      Orange: wtf green

    43. frank cosca

      green: RANDOM BULLSHIT

    44. Adi Praminto


    45. Ramu ramu

      Damn bro red came in clutch

    46. SuperHyper

      Woah woah woah woah hang on!

    47. AFIQui939 92


    48. Hanifa Husna

      I like animasi alan becker like alan becker 👍

    49. WigglyToesies

      I was losing brain cells a bit ago but this.. this is awesome

    50. Flaming Mike

      I really like your animations and I bought the pixel flames shirt. You have inspired me to be an amazing animator, Thanks.

    51. Kaladius Wonatorey

      9:33 i love this part

    52. Nasima Begum

      Alan you are the 1st one to really impress me of your videos I hope you get subscribers award or thing idk the word for it- I hope you do!!! Also where did red get some obsidian? Dat be noice

    53. Soham Mohite

      Orange was like the GOD of music

    54. Soham Mohite

      Chicken was like 'THE BOSS '

    55. vthorgames4779


    56. Pot Pump Hei rbx gaming

      Cool music start up 10:26

    57. Syakir Maulana

      baper lihat film ini

    58. Wakacow

      It’s kinda funny that they skipped ALL the netherite

    59. Sunita Rawat

      Ansh oogy

    60. Wrightcore

      I like how they’ve got their own specialties. Red is the beast master, Blue is the alchemist, Yellow is the engineer, Green is the builder, and Orange is the leader. They’re like Alan Becker’s Order of the Stone.

      1. Leah Murillo

        Idk about that bc If yellow was teaching in the first episode Wouldn’t you think red should be teaching if he’s the leader (Btw I’m a boy I’m just using my mums acc)

      2. 랑근이🄌


      3. Marichatfan 123

        I feel like orange is the fighter

      4. LukeOfAZ

        I know lol but orange s official name is the second one coming

    61. DryBonesGaming

      No! Not *B R I C K S* my favorite parrot!!!

    62. Angeles Calquin

      7:30 awesome remix

    63. Sarah Berridge

      Red: cleans pig The pig: lets annoy red and get dirty again

    64. Axolotl

      The lucky blocks one was my favorite

    65. king doge

      Blue made the first fnf

    66. Wilmer APAZA

      Pollo truco 😎😎🤑

    67. Cecep Permana


    68. Pao Pao

      What if green drink potion of music?

    69. Sadaf Sattarova


    70. Sadaf Sattarova


    71. Sadaf Sattarova


    72. Sadaf Sattarova


    73. Sadaf Sattarova


    74. Sadaf Sattarova


    75. ~Micaela~

      Be honest, we all watch his videos evrryday

    76. scarlet Kingsfire  @&#*!₩¥@

      You now I if I was there I would summon the wither storm

    77. Leman Dowski


    78. Ranboo Fan

      i kinda like ur vids

    79. matthew santmire


    80. AbnerPro

      Puto amo

    81. FalconRBLX ꪜ

      Blue is all about plants lol

    82. eva fox:

      I love you❤

    83. justin yurie gevero

      thats looks azosome

    84. justin yurie gevero


    85. geline paghubasan

      very funny went that chicken plays the note block hahah!

    86. stickman darknnes

      episode of netherite pls pls

    87. stickman darknnes

      alan pla episode of netherite

    88. Michael Pardo

      Sc be like when he gets annoyed of music :I guess I have to do this myself

    89. Sam

      not me re playing the songs at 6:07

    90. edy gunn


    91. rong xiang


    92. rong xiang

      He is the be

    93. Plasma Slime

      SC: Crafting Red: ANIMALS! Yellow: Redstone Green: Just good at everything Blue: Netherwarts addiction and farmer

    94. Plasma Slime

      at the noteblock battle. think orange won XD

    95. Metox Lemon

      I hope they add guns

    96. SUN LOA


    97. Eram Manzoor

      11:50 Absolute Finish. You should Respect that 👌

    98. Nik0laz

      7:43 friday night funkin in a nutshell

    99. Allene Woodward

      I like how the bow looks like fish gun🤣🤣🤣🤣

    100. Joey Tan

      I'm so come into UOR house!!!!!!!😈😈😈